Tutorial: a trapilho fabric bracelet

Tutorial: a trapilho fabric bracelet

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For some time now, trapilho has been the new darling of decoration blogs and magazines. Baskets, ottomans, cushions, all have had the right to delicious transformations with this very particular thread that can be made with old t-shirts. But there is also an area in which it has a lot of potential, that of jewelry. And if you don't have a jersey thread, you can apply the same method with one news: 739845 a little elastic fabric! Today, we are going to learn how to make a bracelet in news: 739845 trapilho fabric.


- four long strips of jersey or news: 739845 fabric - a ring (you can use a key ring) - a needle - sewing thread Budget: around 5 € Duration: 30 minutes


1. To start, fold the strips in half. If you are using actu: 739845 fabric with a pattern, fold the bands wrong sides together. Tie the four folded strips to the ring side by side by making a knot.
2. Separate all the bands, then start weaving by crossing the bands one by one. The principle is the same as for weaving a basket, cross alternating the bands.
3. Tighten to the desired width and continue repeating the same gestures to the desired length.
4. Once you have reached the desired length, tie knots and cut the ends. Attach the bracelet to the ring with a needle.


There you go, your bracelet is now finished. With this method, you will know how to recycle the t-shirts that you no longer put on! Want to try trapilho? Discover our 10 DIY ideas in trapilho. It's your turn !
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