Tutorial: a very practical storage bag for makeup brushes

Tutorial: a very practical storage bag for makeup brushes

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Your makeup bag is a real Ali Baba cave, but a cave that has some storage gaps? We will have to give him some tools for this Ali Baba, and the tutorial of the day will revolutionize his little world! Today, we are going to learn how to make a fabric storage case for your makeup brushes.


- a piece of fabric rigid enough for the outside - a piece of flexible fabric for the inside - a piece of elastic cord of 30 cm - three buttons - a sewing machine - an iron - scissors - pins sewing - a needle - sewing thread - the pattern (pattern in two pieces) Sewing values: 1 cm Budget: about 10 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Make an investment. Double cut the outer fabric of the kit and single cut the inner fabric.
2. On the inner fabric, make a double filled of 0.5 cm over a length, then make a rib stitch at 0.1 cm.
3. Position the interior fabric on a layer of exterior fabric hiding the filling, then place the second piece of exterior fabric over it.
4. Stitch three sides (top, bottom and one side) then strip a piece of the outer fabric 0.5 cm away. Cut the corners flush with the seam to facilitate turning and turn.
5. Fill up 1 cm on the open side.
6. Cut the elastic cord into three 10 cm pieces. Fold them in half and make a point 1 cm from the ends to create a loop.
7. Using the pattern, place the three elastic loops according to the marks. Lock the three loops with pins.
8. Stitch 0.3 cm from the edge, making sure to stitch the elastics well.
9. With the help of the pattern again, note the seam marks at the locations of the brushes, then stitch them.
10. Also note the locations of the three buttons and attach them. Our tip: to avoid sewing one of the brush locations, insert a flat object into the location to prevent your needle from piercing all the thicknesses.


From now on, your makeup brushes will always be tidy! And you can even take them everywhere: thanks to the folded edge, there is no risk of losing them on the way! And now that you have storage for your brushes, discover 3 ideas for storing your makeup!

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