Create a planter of aromatics for a little sunny exposure

Create a planter of aromatics for a little sunny exposure

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Aromatic plants have the incredible advantage of perfuming the garden and our cuisine. To take full advantage of this, it is possible to create a planter and grow our favorite plants. For this, it is necessary to take into account the sunshine. What aromatic plants to put in a planter for a little sunny exposure? To find out, we went to Truffaut where Pierre took the time to answer our questions.

Is it possible to create a planter of aromatics for a little sunny exposure?

Yes it's possible. Although the majority of aromatic plants prefer the sun, those which are grown in the shade or in semi-shaded planters are the most common and especially the most appreciated.

Precisely, which aromatic plants to choose for a not very sunny exposure?

If you want to create a planter of aromatics for a little sunny exposure you must opt ​​for chervil, tarragon, mint, sorrel, flat parsley, curly parsley and monarda.

When to grow these plants?

All aromatic plants are cultivated in spring and used in the summer, whether you choose the seeds or the plants.

Is it possible to put several aromatic plants in the same planter?

Yes it's possible. The aromatic plants all require the same maintenance, so you can customize your planters. You must however choose plants which all adapt to the exposure of the planter. You can't plant oregano next to mint.

How to plant these aromatics?

Choose your plants and planters. Prefer planters with holes that will allow better drainage. Always to optimize drainage and promote good plant development, place clay balls in each planter. Put a little potting soil, place your plants, complete with potting soil and water abundantly.

How often should aromatic plants be watered?

There are no rules. As with aromatic plants placed in the sun, they water as soon as the soil is dry. On the other hand, do not drown your plants, it could be fatal to them! Aromatic plants are plants that must be maintained. Also, regularly check that there are no midges or parasites. Also remove weeds that will interfere with the proper development of plants.

Is it possible to create planters of aromatics only from seeds?

It is possible but it takes a little longer. The advantage of plants is that you know if you are dealing with a quality plant. There are no bad surprises.