The Parisian boutique A Ma Table launches its e-shop

The Parisian boutique A Ma Table launches its e-shop

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This is news that is likely to please all those who do not have the opportunity to visit the capital often! The A Ma Table boutique, located rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, is launching its e-shop with more than 1,000 products to discover. A great way to promote this temple of chic and contemporary tableware to the four corners of France.

A boutique inspired by travel

It was in September 2013 that the A Ma Table decoration store was created in Paris thanks to Déborah Guenoun, a passionate of contemporary art. Inspired by her many journeys, we discover in her shop various objects from all over the world. To embellish your tables, the founder of A Ma Table is constantly looking for new products, new designers. Thus, young designers and renowned houses rub shoulders with great taste in the New York loft spirit of the Parisian address. The ceramics of the young Margot Lhomme mix with the recognized creations of the ceramist Jars, while the English porcelain makes friend-friend with the Japanese stoneware.

An e-shop for lovers of beautiful tableware

In order to share her love of tableware with as many people as possible, Déborah Guenoun has just launched her online store. On the menu: no less than 1000 products from 35 carefully selected designers and creators. The most convincing conclusion: each brand has its creator file on the site to allow visitors to know a little more about each person's inspirations.


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