Before / After: sublimate a dressing corridor in Paris

Before / After: sublimate a dressing corridor in Paris

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When planning an interior, there is often a tendency to overlook the corridors. However, beyond their distribution and circulation functions, these places of passage can play an important role in decoration as a transit space. However, it is not always easy to arrange these long and often narrow spaces. You want your hallway to become a room in its own right and wish to create a decorative identity for it, then discover how the interior decorator Céline Pansieri has transformed a hallway without character into a small Haute Couture setting. Demonstration in pictures.

Haute Couture inspiration

Before: Sad and bland, this corridor, long in light tones, does not reflect the personality of its owner, a lover of beautiful clothes and refined pieces. Objective: to give back its letters of nobility to this space without personality, left in the state, so that it is not the poor relation of decoration and to propose a practical and functional dressing space for its occupant. After: Successful bet ! By playing with colors, Céline Pansieri has increased the feeling of space in this cramped corridor. By choosing a deep black color for the storage units and the base, the hallway immediately appears larger than it actually is. Dressed in a wallpaper with sinuous and graphic patterns, inspired by Haute Couture of the 50s, it echoes the twirling curves of the Bloom pendant lights by Ligne Roset. Enhanced by the emblematic figure of Coco Chanel, the corridor now takes on the appearance of a small elegant setting. Also note the installation of mirrors on the back door which offers a beautiful effect of mise en abyme of the decor. Today, the corridor transports us to a chic and refined universe, full of promise.

Optimize space

Before: Corridor and dressing room at the same time, this one did not benefit from necessary storage. Not very practical and badly arranged, a simple cupboard with door served as storage. After: To remedy this, the interior designer has designed new closets, entirely made to measure with sliding doors to facilitate movement. Suspended and reinforced by floor lighting, the furniture is now becoming a decorative element which contributes to this chic atmosphere. Between the two cupboards, there is also a column of decorative niches with integrated lighting.

Create a full piece

Before: Sober, the room lacks colors, decorative objects and storage furniture. Objective: to give new life to this gray space by bringing a warm touch. After: Céline Pansieri did not hesitate to furnish the surface to transform it into a room in its own right. Flowerpots and other trinkets today make the space friendly. Céline Pansieri Interior decorator