Tutorial: a wool phone pouch

Tutorial: a wool phone pouch

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Whenever he falls to the ground, face down, it's the same anguish. Slowly, you reach out to recover it, your legs trembling. Will it have lifelong consequences? Can you recover your 348 photos of macarons and cute little cats? Suddenly, an indescribable joy takes possession of your face: it is safe and sound! Joy, pleasure and little butterflies, you are quick to send a selfie to all your friends to warn them. But above all, you make the decision to better protect it in the future! Today, learn how to make a woolen phone pouch.


- a crochet hook - two balls of wool - a Budget button: around € 5 Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by making a chain link with a length equal to twice the width of the phone.
2. Assemble the first and the last stitch in the chain by making a loop, then assemble them with a slip stitch.
3. Sew in each stitch on the chain making the first row of tight knit.
4. Carry out the following rows, continuing in single flange, alternating the colors every other row.
5. Once the desired length is reached, make the last row in crayfish mesh.
6. Make a chain to hold the button that will close the pocket.
7. Create the loop by attaching the chain link. Cut the wire and hide the end.
8. Turn the pouch over to sew the button.
9. Make a row of tight stitches while sewing the bottom of the pocket at the same time. Cut the wires and hide the ends.
10. Turn the pouch over.


With this pretty pocket, your phone will be well protected and will last a long time! Ah… if only we could say the same for the drums! And protect your phone even more, adorn it with a personalized shell!
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