The selection of Brandt small appliances for 2016

The selection of Brandt small appliances for 2016

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You always need small appliances in your kitchen. When sharp knives and super powerful microwaves are no longer enough, there comes the urge - if not the necessity - to get electric choppers and other juice machines. For this summer 2016, Brandt helps you and selects a few devices that you will soon be able to do without. Presentation.

The induction hob

This summer, you will prepare your installation in your very first studio. You found the apartment but, oh drama, it does not have a kitchenette which is sufficient for your foodie needs. You no longer have to worry about the brand new design and practical double burner induction table from Brandt which you can acquire for the sum of € 200 from June 2016.

For fresh fruit juices

Nothing better at breakfast than a freshly squeezed fruit juice. If, like many, you prefer it without pulp, then this juice extractor with an ultra modern design is made for you. With these removable containers, it allows easy service and storage. However, you will have to wait until May 2016 to be able to acquire it. Patience!

Keep your food longer

A good bottle of wine barely started - since you drink alcohol in moderation - a Serrano ham cut into slices ... As many delicious dishes that you would not want to spoil. Keep it cool for the next aperitif with friends and vacuum it with this brand new device. Available for sale next May for the sum of € 140, the vacuum packaging machine also allows the bags provided for this type of preservation to be sealed.

Pop mini ice cream makers

When the warm season sets in, no one would say no to a good homemade sorbet. Ideal for single people or young households, these pretty pop-colored ice cream makers have a capacity of 0.5 liters. A small size that allows them to be easily stored in a small freezer. Its more? Its very small price: 30 €.