How to grow exotic fruits?

How to grow exotic fruits?

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Do you like exotic fruits and want to grow them yourself? It's possible ! And yes, no need to spend a fortune on supermarkets to buy fruit that has gone around the world. Today we are going to explain to you how to grow seasonal fruit. And to advise you the best, we went to the market, on a sunny Sunday, and we met Lydie who advised us.

Is it really possible to grow exotic fruits with us?

Yes it is possible, but not easy. Plants that give exotic fruits are mostly fragile. Their needs must be respected and maintained regularly. Growing exotic fruits involves growing in pots or planters and sometimes buying a greenhouse.

Should we opt for seeds or small plants?

Both, but to be honest with you, opting for seeds is a real challenge! Plants that will give exotic fruits are not easy-going plants. It is therefore more comfortable to choose plants that are already above ground, or even bear fruit.

Take citrus fruits, how do you go about it?

To grow citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons, you must provide large pots that you fill with potting soil. When potting, water abundantly. On the other hand, for orange and lemon trees from warm countries, you should always wait for the soil to dry before watering them. If your plants are in a dry place, or near a heat source, mist them once or twice a month.

Is it possible to grow pineapples?

Yes, but it is delicate and expensive. Pineapple comosus is a tropical plant that requires moderate heat and lots of moisture. It is therefore highly recommended to cultivate it in a pot and place it in a greenhouse whose ambient temperature will be between 18 ° C and 25 ° C. Pineapple comosus does not tolerate temperatures below 15 ° C or too high temperatures. Vigilance is therefore essential in summer as in winter. The plant is grown in pots, in a mixture of soil and sand so that drainage is optimized. It should be watered twice a month.

What is the easiest exotic fruit to grow?

I would say mango. The mango tree adapts very well in France, it is a resistant plant once grown. The mango tree is a magnificent plant, very decorative. It should be placed in a bright place and watered every two to three days. If you go on vacation, entrust your mango tree!

Do you have any advice for us on growing exotic plants?

Buy plants already grown, in the garden center, prefer healthy plants, make sure to offer them conditions close to those of their country of origin and maintain them regularly. If you have a greenhouse or veranda, it is often the ideal place to grow exotic plants and fruits. In summer, when the weather is nice and warm, take out your plants!