New collection: Flemish innovation at Ressource

New collection: Flemish innovation at Ressource

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After the advent of wallpaper and wall fabrics, painting made a comeback in our interiors in the early 2000s. The hundreds of colors created each year, combined with multiple decorative renderings, made it the preferred coating for French people. ! The Ressource brand, a specialist in color for more than 25 years, has not ceased to innovate in this area by launching collections of colors as rich as atypical. At the start of 2015, the French house surprises us once again with its range called Flemish Innovations: through a unique rendering and chromatic quality, Ressource invites us to take a trip back in time, to the era of grand residences bourgeoisie of the North of France. Explanations.

The Flemish style revised and corrected

The Flemish style comes from family homes in the North of France and Belgium. It is at the same time sober, modern and baroque, and is characterized by its warmth and its conviviality. Ressource wanted to recreate this unique atmosphere through a collection of colors with muted and timeless tones called Flemish Innovation. She therefore called on the Belgian artist Myriam Gevaert to design this new range and bring her expertise in the choice of colors. Passionate about materials, colors, travel and different cultures, Myriam Gevaert is recognized in the world of decoration for her 25 years of career, marked by frescoes and extraordinary murals. Since her meeting with Ressource, she has specialized in the development of new effects for interior decoration. The artist, creative at heart, has designed three new decorative textures specifically adapted to the Benelux market. The Weaving range, which stands out with a line effect based on a matt paint in the aqueous phase, as well as two new lime products: Lime Tramée and Lime textured, which offer a rendering close to the mineral effect so dear to the Flemish style.

Colors and textures

The secret of success of the Ressource brand lies above all in the quality of its materials. Their paints with high covering power and chromatic reproducibility have already won over many decoration enthusiasts, and have proven themselves in terms of quality and durability. In terms of colors, the brand is doing real research to get as close as possible to the historic shades brought up to date, or to design the paintings of tomorrow. Ressource also draws on the know-how of designers and color experts for each collection creation, thus ensuring the originality of the colors. After Serge Bensimon and his graphic and colorful universe, the French designer Stéphanie Marin has in turn imagined a daring range called Itineraries. Today, the French brand continues its research in the world of color in order to offer ever more subtle and qualitative shades!
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