How to recognize a real Marseille soap?

How to recognize a real Marseille soap?

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The Marseillais will tell you, the real Marseille soap is only found in Marseille. If you can however buy them elsewhere than in Marseille, it is difficult to know whether these are real or false soaps designed with respect for traditions. To remedy this problem, the last four soap factories in Bouches-du-Rhône joined forces in 2011 to create the Union of Marseille Soap Professionals (UPSM). True or false Marseille soap? The editorial staff tells you everything so as not to be mistaken!

What is the UPSM?

The name "Marseille soap" has never been protected since its creation in the Middle Ages. Accepted by all (brands of detergents, manufacturers of soaps), without however respecting the real recipe, difficult for the consumer to navigate! Thanks to the UPSM, which has studied the importance of creating a charter to be respected in order to finally recognize the true from the false, we can no longer make a mistake and buy imitations. This charter is therefore based on three criteria: the composition of the soap, the geographical origin and the production process. Only compliance with this charter can give rise to the affixing of the collective mark.

Why should we highlight Marseille soap?

The manufacture of Marseille soap is perfectly regulated, which allows us to use it for different uses. Marseille soap can be used as toothpaste, shaving foam; it is useful for treating wounds or for preventing rheumatism and cramps. Designed with natural ingredients that respect the skin, it is one of the products to be made as it was at the start of its existence. Its washing and cleaning property is three times more effective than any other natural or non-natural soap, and helps fight against bacteria and external agents that stick to our skin. Most of Marseille soap: it respects the environment and does not pollute unlike industrial soaps. More info on //