Tutorial: make a bicycle table in relief

Tutorial: make a bicycle table in relief

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Claire is a young woman full of talent who masters paper as well as the sewing machine or the news: 739837 Fimo pulp. She is never short of ideas and shares on her blog Aux Petites Merveilles all her original creations! We had already made you discover her tutorial to make a fabric lamp, today she comes back for a very different DIY but still as amazing! Learn how to make a very special painting on which a bicycle is woven, for a rather awesome 3D effect! To achieve this, you will need little equipment ... and a little more patience! Ready to take on the challenge? Let's go ! duration : about 2 hours Cost : around 4 €


You will need: - the support of a frame - sewing pins - sewing thread - a needle (or a pen whatever, it will help you weave) - glue - thick cardboard - the news: 739839 pattern of the shape you want to make - a simple sheet of paper


1. Stick your thick cardboard on the support of the frame. The thicker the cardboard, the more your pins will have support, so do not hesitate to find a well-dimpled cardboard or to double an end.
2. Position your news: 739839 pattern on the sheet of paper and trace its outline by making small dots (approximately every 5mm) which will serve as benchmarks when placing the pins. Then place, without sticking, the sheet on your previous support.
3. Sew each pin as straight as possible on each of the small dots, pushing them in as far as possible. Then gently remove the sheet.
4. Start weaving with your thread. You can use a needle (or a pen) to pass the thread around the pins. In cross or straight, weave as you wish!


The weaving finished, your table is ready! You can also add a nice message to the marker or to the paint. It must be recognized that this DIY requires a little (a lot?) Of patience, but admit that the result is worth it! And now, discover another way to create a relief painting with paper butterflies!
Thanks to Claire from the Aux Petites Merveilles blog for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your woven painting on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!