3 solutions to install a table in a small kitchen

3 solutions to install a table in a small kitchen

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Your little kitchen has optimized every square centimeter and you don't know how and where to set up your table for breakfast? Do not panic ! The editorial team looked at the question this week and identified 3 solutions that are as practical as they are easy to live with. Demonstration.

Solution 1: A folding tablet

Want to take your romantic meals in the kitchen? What if you adopted a practical, stable and space-saving wall shelf? Without neglecting the design by choosing a black lacquered model, it will be as aesthetic as it is functional in your small room. To accompany it, we also favor practical furniture such as folding chairs that you can store in a corner or in a closet.

Solution n ° 2: A table integrated in a buffet

In a micro kitchen, the ideal is to have an invisible table which is discovered only at the time of taking your meals. The most practical solution is therefore to adopt a storage buffet in which a table hides and unfolds only when you need it. Once stored, you can move around without any problems.

Solution n ° 3: A table linked to the furniture

Last tip to install a table in your small kitchen: include it in your initial layout ideas when you choose your furniture. Here, it is a large white lacquered shelf, connected to the rest of the furniture on which the owners have bet. Pay attention to the practical aspect! You will not be able to move it according to your needs, so think about its location when drawing the plans for your kitchen.