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. Smaller plasterboards to access everywhere! The access to the space that you have to arrange is narrow and the plasterboards of usual dimensions (1200 x 2500 mm) do not pass? Be aware that there are 600 mm Placo® plasterboard wide that easily weave into inaccessible spaces. Half the weight, they are also easier to handle. These plates exist in standard version (Placoplatre® 600 BA 13), water-repellent for wet rooms (Placomarine® 600 BA 13) and in phonic version for strengthen the sound insulation of a home (Placo® Phonique 600 BA 13). And if you are looking for an even smaller plate to allow you to arrange your attic, for example, using a narrow staircase, choose the Easyplac® folding plate. Its small size, when folded (600 x 1300 mm), even allows it to be slid into the trunk of a car. Water repellent, it can be used as a vertical structure in all rooms of the house, including bathrooms. To help you choose your plasterboard, go to . In damp or unheated rooms, the Placomarine® plate , green in color, resistant to humidity. Find your Placo® solution for every room in the house on .


. Rockwool Rock wool is an insulating material with multiple performances: Fire-resistant *, anti-noise * and anti-waste * - ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation will assure you a real thermal and acoustic comfort. We used ROCKPLUS KRAFT or ROCKPLUS NU for the insulation of vertical walls against partitions on frames or masonry. This rigid product of high density allows to benefit from excellent thermal performances winter and summer. * Performance attested by Acermi certificates available on


. • 30x60 matt white tile for floors and walls
• Red epoxy seal with glitter
• laying with laying blocks BOB TILE website: Mail: [email protected] Tel: 04 94 01 27 18 Address: TOULON & HYERES


. Plates for the "SETA DESIGN" shower walls
• The dimension of the standard plates is 2050 * 3050 mm thickness 3 mm
• Specially designed for bathrooms and indoor showers.
• This coating is a perfect replacement for all wall tiles
• Very easy to install, possible to paste directly onto existing tiles, thus avoiding removing them
• Possibility of installation in large formats and in one piece.
• Reduction in the number of joints thus avoiding the development of mold and bacteria between the joints.
• Resistance to UV rays
• Non-porous, does not absorb water
• Clean with soapy water using a sponge and soft cloth.
• Available in different colors and finishes "Ultra shiny" or "Ultra Mat"
• Easy to cut with the tools for cutting wood
• SETA DESIGN is a fully recyclable and non-toxic acrylic sheet
• SETA DESIGN is the solution for renovation, the perfect alternative to traditional materials. Access to photos from the Seta Design color chart Our website: // For all requests on SETA DESIGN: MADREPERLA France Contact Yvonne TOMAS GAUTIER Phone LD: 01 60 49 16 18 Mail [email protected] - Corner access with 2 pivoting doors Kinespace Angle (made in France) : shower screen with simple and quick assembly. Exclusive mounting technology. Safety glass 6 mm anti-limestone treated. Profiles in chromed aluminum. Height 200 cm. Dimensions ranging from 80 to 100 cm (wall made to measure). - Extra-flat Kinesurf shower tray : built-in shower tray, height 3 cm, more resistant than ceramic: thermoformed biocryl surface, metal frame and Biotec reinforcement. Naturally non-slip surface. 3 colors. Dimensions ranging from 80 to 180 cm. KINEDO, French manufacturer of walls, cabins, shower trays, whirlpool tubs and spas. Established in Chéméré (44) and La Ciotat (13). KINEDO 9 route de Rouans 44680 CHEMERE T. 02 40 21 31 30


. AQUALINE EVO SATIN Satin finish paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Good covering and filling power Very good recovery time Exceptional glide Great whiteness Ecolabel certified in White and shades AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS, SATIN, MAT, VELVET range Suitable for new and renovation works The sites can be carried out without interruption of the activity, Respect the health of the applicators and the occupants. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: inf[email protected] Tel. :


. Towel dryer: With the know-how from more than 50 years of experience. Belonging to the AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG group located in Lower Bavaria, we are one of the European leaders in the heating technology sector. With around 1,300 highly qualified employees, state-of-the-art technology and a clear objective: to reconcile trendy design and exceptional quality, functionality, comfort and reliability. From classic white to the exclusive chrome collection. It is no coincidence that many products have already been awarded great design awards - Ideos - V: The Kermi Ideos an innovative and fascinating design The star-shaped modules make it a fascinating and unique asset. The standard or fully integrated connection system and the all-electric version make it a heating body suitable for all heat sources. In version V a radiator element with the perfectly integrated thermostatic head takes on the function of the cover and completely covers the connection. And even on the compact version, invisible attachment at the front. Also available with electric auxiliary heating or in Ideos-E version for all-electric operation. Reference: IDEOS-V - H 1883 x L 508 - 630W KERMI Arbonia France 17A rue d'Altkirch CS 70053 F-68210 Hagenbach Phone +33 (0) 3 89 40 02 53 Fax +33 (0) 3 89 40 04 25 The Waterslim is an electric flat water heater that is only 20 cm thick . The WaterSlim water heater is designer, it fits everywhere to save you one square meter of floor space. It delivers hot water in record time, while consuming less energy! It is very easy to install since it is delivered ready to install with a complete hydraulic kit. It is a French innovation guaranteed for 7 years. Space saving / Easy to install / 100% stainless steel tank / Reduced heating time / Capacity: 50 or 100 liters / High energy performance. WATERSLIM flat water heater // Tel. to contact for info: 01 73 79 58 12 Port. Contact for info: 06 29 14 33 89 Mail to contact for info: [email protected] Postal address: 17 rue Dumont d'Urville, 75116 Paris


. COOKE & LEWIS Volga hanging unit + Illuminating mirror Ideal small space: width 60 cm x Depth 45 cm x Height 56.5 cm Fronts in red lacquered MDF Aluminum handles
• White ceramic vanity top.
• 2 drawers with closing brake, fully extended for optimal storage.
• 5 colors to choose from COOKE & LEWIS, a brand developed for Castorama


. 360014y Jelly lamp yellow / orange bear This Jelly Yellow or orange bear night light will remind you of the little bear candies of your childhood! It offers a world of dreams and tenderness! The dim lighting gives a pretty cozy atmosphere, it is just as pretty on as off! Handcrafted! For the safety of the little ones, it is supplied with a 12 Volt transformer and a 10 Watt bulb EGMONT TOYS Egmont Toys - Parc Industriel 18 - 1440 Wauthier braine - Belgium Tel 0032 (0) 2.521.70.44 [email protected] Tva BE0465.196.855 Press contact: Elise De Maere


. Table 605419 Table 605424 Table 605418 Table 605423 The Artis group, taken over by CEANOTHE, presents a wide range of decorative frames made in France. Top-of-the-range quality with prints with perfect rendering for optimal duration over time. 3 complete ranges: printed canvases, mirror stickers and Glass Art (printed glass) in trendy visuals in all styles. Practical and decorative, these paintings will bring cheerfulness to the interior decor! FLAT MIRROR 40X50 REGLIS RED: 40x50 mirror, framed with a smooth molding in MDF, width 3.5cm and thickness 1.2cm Color design and trend CM CREATION Website: Facebook:Creation of a glass brick wall from the New Color Collection, in orange, green and yellow tones . Use of finishing bricks. SEVES Glass block Website: SEVES SPA. Via R. Giuliani, 360 - 50141 Firenze (Italy) Tel: 0039 055 44 951 email: [email protected] Glass is the element luminous ultimate. We love her transparency, resistance, elegance . It brings extreme depth to the habitat suddenly bathed in light. These glass bricks are part of the New Colour1 range - glass bricks in design and flashy colors with a slight metallic reflection. They are available in a multitude of models and allow a customizable decoration (choice and alternation of colors and finishes). It is a decorative wall which has the advantage of letting in light while preserving privacy. The installation system used is the Easy Kit 2 : assembly of glass bricks by simple gluing on PVC slats. It is simple, fast (3 times faster than traditional installation) and clean (no dust). feel free to Contact us for the realization of your estimate. ADIB-LITHOS • 30x60 matt white tile for floors and walls
• Red epoxy seal with glitter
• laying with laying blocks BOB TILE website: Mail: [email protected] Tel: 04 94 01 27 18 Address: TOULON & HYERES AQUALINE EVO MAT Matt appearance paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Indoors for the decoration of common building supports. Good recovery time Good opacity High dullness Non-yellowing Ecolabel certified in white and shades Colors realized: White Undercoat : AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS Universal printing based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Indoors and outdoors on common building supports, bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Nourishes and blocks bottoms Exceptional gliding Coverable during the day Good covering and filling power C.O.V rate <1G / L Ecolabel certified in white and shades AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS, SATIN, MAT, VELVET range Suitable for new and renovation works The sites can be carried out without interruption of the activity, Respect the health of the applicators and the occupants. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. :


. MOXIE, overhead shower with integrated speaker With Moxie, shower at full volume with your music! Moxie is the unique combination of an overhead shower and a water-resistant wireless speaker. It is very easy to use and it is totally trendy ... The principle is ultra clever: Equipped with a magnet, the Moxie speaker fits easily into the overhead shower, including 60 or 80 integrated nozzles ( depending on the model) allow you to listen to your music, from your smartphone or tablet, for example… 1. Synchronize your Moxie beforehand via Bluetooth® with any device: smartphone, computer or tablet, located at a distance of 10 meters. 2. Enter the stage in the shower 3. Let's go… enjoy 7 hours of non-stop music in your shower 4. To charge the Moxie's lithium battery, a USB cable is provided. Come on, turn on the tap and… singing in the rain! SALUTE, mixer tap A mixer with pure and perfect lines, which combines technology and design JACOB DELAFON Website: Mail: [email protected] Loobow, the specialist in colored toilets! Come and discover our collections and models of toilets in color on // We don't choose our smells, now we can choose our colors! LOOBOW Tel. : 04 79 33 71 72 Address: 27 allée Albert Sylvestre, 73,000 CHAMBERY


. Motorized roof window VELUX INTEGRA® New Generation / Comfortable glazing Much more than an electric window, the VELUX INTEGRA® New Generation window is the ideal window for keeping a house well ventilated, regulating the temperature all year round, securing during your holidays or simply making your daily life easier. The plus: its new intuitive and easy-to-use touch control. Its screen and its ergonomic functions allow this mini tablet to manage 8 programs remotely. These already recorded programs control the window and its equipment for you for more comfort and in the event of a shower, the rain sensor automatically closes the window at the first drops. The VELUX INTEGRA® New Generation window considerably improves comfort in the living rooms thanks to a greater amount of light due to a glazed surface enlarged by 10%. It also has exceptional insulation qualities, in particular thanks to its patented VELUX ThermoTechnology ™ system which reduces thermal bridges. This window finally offers the latest advances in technology thanks to its All Comfort glazing, which meets the highest demands in terms of thermal insulation in summer / winter and is equipped with the ABP system (anti-rain noise) which divides the noise. rain impact by 2 for more silence in the room in rainy weather. Its standard laminated glazing guarantees a level of security comparable to that of a car windshield and the "Clear & Net" system from which it benefits reduces the frequency of cleaning. White finish Dimensions: 78 x 98 cm (dimensional code MK04) New Generation EDN concealed fitting The sealing connection makes the link between the roof window and the roof. It guarantees total tightness and must be installed at the same time as the window. A recessed fitting allows to favor a harmonious integration on the roof and to reinforce the insulation capacities of the window. New Generation fittings offer a recess from 20 ° slope, for tiles and slates. Single window fitting for recessed installation on slates (EDN) DSL interior blackout blind VELUX blackout blinds guarantee optimal darkness day and night, thanks to their 100% polyester canvas, reinforced on the back with an aluminum film which repels UV rays. No risk of seeing the colors fade over time since these blinds benefit from an exclusive anti-discoloration system of the canvas. Provided with a maneuver bar and profiles with refined bevelled corners, they integrate discreetly into the window and harmonize with all interiors thanks to a choice from a range of more than 40 colors. The solar powered motorized blackout blind installs wirelessly and is remote controlled. Beige color (1085) ACTUALITY interior door model ACT C, dark woven Penelope finish, The most produced:
• invisible hinges
• magnetic lock
• aluminum inserts
• 44 mm thick sash Available as standard with European standards, made to measure, for renovation on existing frames. Visit our site // or contact us at: 09 67 07 07 21


. Set of 5 plain cotton sponges 400 g / m² Red 3 SWISS Facebook: // Twitter: // Laundry basket Lightweight with 2 handles, the Laundry basket is easily transportable. CTENDANCE Facebook:Happy Rouge round soap dispenser Happy Red Round Goblet EMINZA.COM, is your decorative partner for the whole house Need advice? Fancy a decorative item? Visit and discover new products, a Mag and a host of ideas to be at the heart of trends! Eminza offers you four shops (household linen, garden furniture, bathroom decoration and Christmas decoration) specializing in different worlds, to easily find everything you need to create your atmosphere! Trento Top Design 16 Red Pedal Bin Removable plastic inner bucket 16 liters with metal handle Red rubber clamping ring to hold the bag Lid with silent and hermetic closure Mechanism of the bin inside Large metallic and ergonomic pedal Wide base for better stability Dimensions: 46 cm x 26 cm in diameter Weight: 2.8 kg HAILO France Hailo France Rue du Servon 86300 La Chapelle Viviers