How to repair a tree after a storm?

How to repair a tree after a storm?

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A storm often leaves a desolate landscape after its passage. In the garden, the trees are the first to suffer, injured, sometimes even completely shredded, offering gaping wounds to the dumbfounded eyes. Urgent action is needed to repair a tree bruised by a storm. Charly de Jardiland explains to us how to cut an injured branch and how to help it heal in order to avoid the invasion of pathogenic fungi.

Before telling us how to repair trees damaged by a storm, can you remind us of the safety rules to observe?

It is indeed essential to take all the necessary precautions before working with a chainsaw on trees weakened by strong winds. We first wear protective gloves, a helmet and a pair of protective glasses. Care is then taken to stabilize the ladder which will be used to reach the tall branches. We must start by taking care of injured trees that could endanger people. Thus, the trees located in the immediate vicinity of the house and accesses must be repaired first.

How to cut a tree branch torn apart by the storm?

After inspecting storm-damaged trees, we begin to repair them. All small branches located on each damaged large branch must be eliminated. We start at the end and finish closest to the trunk. It is only then that we cut - in two stages - the large branch torn off by the storm. We reduce the weight by cutting it first to about thirty centimeters from the trunk, then we cut the rest of the branch. The operation is repeated for each injured branch. It is essential to equip yourself with a disinfected and perfectly sharpened tool to make clean cuts.

How to prevent water from getting into the tree trunks?

It is necessary to act as quickly as possible by passing a healing over each area of ​​the trunk which will have been injured. Above all, care must be taken to cover the entire wound. Avoid putty with resin and vegetable oils which is still debated in the scientific world, its effectiveness has not been proven.

Is clay effective in healing the wounds of a tree?

Clay, also known as clay, is by far the best solution for isolating the cut from a branch. It is an excellent protection against polypores. They are lignivorous agents, that is to say pathogenic fungi dangerous to the health of the tree because they are capable of breaking down all its tissues. They can attack sneakily, by settling under the bark without anyone noticing their presence. This is the reason why it is necessary to cut the injured branches immediately after a storm and to heal the wounds of the trees with clay, without waiting.

What can you do when two branches of a tree are simply split?

It is understood that we will not be able to cut these branches, but we must - here again - urgently consolidate them. If the fork is slightly split, it can be reinforced with a flexible strap so as not to injure the tree. If the slit is large, the task becomes more complicated. In this case, bolting is carried out with metal rods after drilling to tighten the fork.