How to clean wallpaper?

How to clean wallpaper?

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Oops, an ugly stain on my beautiful wallpaper! Do not panic, before embarking headlong into cleaning, we inquire. Grease, ink or sauce stain, each accident has its solution. One watchword: know the nature of your wallpaper and act quickly to avoid encrustation. gives you tips for cleaning your wallpaper with ease.

Adapt to different types of stain

The first step is to identify the stain (s) on the wallpaper. Do you notice an ugly grease on your white wallpaper? Choose talc or Sommières earth (clay powder available in drugstores for around 4 euros) that you will leave for a few hours. Are molds ugly on your wall? Dab them with a cotton swab lightly moistened with diluted bleach. If an ink stain appears, you arm yourself with a cloth moistened with acetone. Unstoppable!

Clean washable wallpaper

The easiest way to clean washable wallpaper is to use a simple and economical product: white vinegar, this household fan. Inexpensive (0.45 € per liter on average!), It is available in all supermarkets. Just moisten a sponge with (a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with a liter of water) and gently rub the stain until erasing.

Clean non-washable wallpaper

To avoid damaging your pretty wall but especially to curl the wallpaper, here we use a cloth very slightly moistened with soapy water. The ultimate grandmother's tip? Bread crumbs or white school gum which you gently rub against the stain to avoid crumbling the paper.).

Clean metallic or vinyl wallpaper

The advantage of vinyl wallpaper is that it is solid and most often resistant to friction. For good reason, it is used in children's rooms and in humid rooms. A sponge moistened with soapy water and voila.