Interview with Monique Chevry, designer and gardener of the Jardin d'Adoué

Interview with Monique Chevry, designer and gardener of the Jardin d'Adoué

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With its sumptuous beds of ancient plants and its unique blend of perennials and grasses, the Adoué garden stands out with panache from other gardens in the region. Perched in the south on a clay-limestone hillside, in the heart of the Lorraine region, it has the distinction of presenting local plants, rustic, and adapted to the cool and humid climate of the East. To this beautiful plot of one hectare is added a nursery of perennial plants also created by Monique Chevry, for whom gardening became obvious from a very young age. Meeting with a cheerful and passionate woman.

Tell us about your background…

I have always had a passion for the garden, but I did not immediately think of making it my profession. In my opinion, the profession of nurseryman is hardly compatible with family life, as the schedules are restrictive. So I practiced accounting for 20 years, my first professional life in a way, then I had the project of associating with someone to get started in the world of gardening. The children had grown up and I could afford to have a lower salary so that I could simply live my passion! The project could not succeed, so it was only that I embarked on the adventure of the garden of Adoué. My husband Jean-Luc obviously supported me a lot - and helped me - in this project, but I still carried it at arm's length.

How is the Jardin d'Adoué structured?

We have created and enlarged the garden as the surrounding plots are purchased. There is a certain logic in its course, however nothing is fixed: like all gardens, ours evolves over the years! The whole site is very consistent and includes a rose garden, two pools, beds of perennials and grasses, many trees and shrubs ... The only rule that I set myself is to present only plants adapted to the soil. There are enough varieties in the region to be able to create beautiful natural spaces rich in color, without having to import exotic plants or from regions too far away.

In this regard, what are the most emblematic plants in your garden?

I try as much as possible to revive the old plants that were created in the region, those that I call "grandmother plants": old bell towers, heucheres, phlox ... The latter were in all the gardens of our ancestors because they served to flower the churches on Sunday. You should know that Lorraine has known several renowned horticulturalists in the 19th and 20th centuries; I therefore perpetuate a regional tradition in a way, even if I am much less famous.

You have many activities apart from maintenance and visits to the garden…

It is true that I am rather busy, between the nursery, my online catalog of plants (//, very busy springs in plantations, in maintenance, in events of all kinds around plants ... But it remains a pleasure at all times!
Adoué's garden 8 chemin du Rupt d'Adoué 54690 Lay Saint Christophe Telephone: 03 83 22 68 12 Opening time Open every afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., except Wednesday, Sunday and public holidays.

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