Fragonard: Agnès Webster tells us about Christmas with her latest collection

Fragonard: Agnès Webster tells us about Christmas with her latest collection

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Agnès Webster has long been drawn to the Silk Road, and left for Central Asia with her Fragonard caravan in search of new treasures. She returns to us with a colorful Christmas collection, inspired by this fabulous trip.

Maison Fragonard has existed for more than 80 years today, how do you explain this success?

The vitality of the brand and its success are explained, in large part, by the enormous work that we have been doing for over 80 years, by the energy put into daily work to drive our projects and finally by the unwavering will that we put in the development of the house Fragonard.

If the house Fragonard is more known for its talents of perfumery, it also knows how to be versatile by proposing in particular decorative objects. Can you tell us more?

In 1997, we opened the Provencal Costume and Jewelry Museum in Grasse. This museum, which brings together the collections of Provençal costumes formerly collected by my mother, was the pretext for my sisters and myself to give a new direction to the Fragonard house by creating a true brand identity for it. We no longer wanted to be a “perfume factory”, we wanted to transform Fragonard into a transversal brand, which would distill its own art of living. This collection therefore served as a starting point and a source of inspiration to create the story you know today. Fragonard is now available in a range of clothing, decorative accessories, tableware, jewelry and even toys.

The 2014 collection offers colorful objects, inspired by your last trip to Central Asia. Where did this interest in Asia come from and why did you choose to focus this collection on the Silk Road?

In India, where I go every year for fifteen years, I met, on several occasions, merchants who returned from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Uzbekistan with wonderful old textiles, hitherto little present in Europe and France. Seduced by the textile wealth of these countries and long drawn to the legendary Silk Road, I therefore naturally decided to make the trip to meet local artisans, find finds to export to France and explore new sources of inspiration. From there was born the idea of ​​making 2014 a year dedicated to the famous Silk Road.

Can you tell us a bit about the Fragonard 2014 Christmas collection?

It is in Central Asia and, more particularly on the Silk Road that the collection that we decided to create for Christmas 2014 takes us. Colorful, shimmering and a touch of exoticism, this collection invites you to travel and discover with products such as the "that night" scented candle or even the set of four "follow your lucky stars" soaps which both tell us the story of the Three Kings. On the textile side, we find here again this influence from Central Asia with scarves, slippers or cases in dazzling colors and full of flavors. Finally, there is also a large bestiary.

What is special about this collection?

Each product in the collection is imagined, designed and produced by the house of Fragonard. For example, each of our kits is embroidered by hand and each of our cups, painted by us. As you can see, behind each of our products hides a lot of creative and artisanal work.

A favorite product in this Christmas collection?

Unquestionably the Kurta sweater. Inspired by the large traditional embroidered shirts, worn in Afghanistan, Pakistan or India, it has the advantage of being very warm.

What are the next countries that you want your customers to discover through your products?

My next destination will be Central America, but we will have to wait until 2016. Before that, in 2015, we would like to focus on our core business, perfumery. We also want to take an interior trip and discover new sources of inspiration closer to home, in France. Discover this Christmas collection on //