I make a garland of pompoms

I make a garland of pompoms

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At D-7, and if we embellish its Christmas decor even more? After our 20 DIY ideas for Christmas decorations so cute, we are back with an easy and fun tutorial to make a pretty garland of pompoms! duration : 10 minutes Cost : around 4 € of supplies - partly reusable


You will need: - wool - scissors

The steps of the pompom

1. Wrap your wool around your fingers. Our wool is quite big, we did 10 rounds - wool for needles 10 - but with finer wool, you can do 20.
2. Remove the wool from your hand, cut the thread and with a new piece of wool, make a turn about 1 cm from the top of your pompom, make a knot.
3. Cut the wool from the bottom of the pompom.
4. Thread a thread through the top of the pompom. Then continue to make pompoms to add them to the thread.


We alternated 2 colors of pompoms for a pretty garland.
You can also make pompoms that you will not mount in a garland but that you can put on the branches of your tree. S7821271W650 N Find our Christmas ideas on our dedicated board on Pinterest and participate in the great game of the Advent calendar: today I Fil Home soft blankets and cushions to win!