Lexon, design editor

Lexon, design editor

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Lexon, a world reference, is a design agency specializing in high-end business gifts. His creations are eye-catching for the biggest companies, and the design press is full of praise about Lexon. The label also seduces the general public to China where René Adda, founder, is a real favorite. From alarm clock to pen, from calculator to travel bag, Lexon objects are beautiful and affordable.

Birth of a brand

It was in 1991 that René Adda founded Spirix. He has experience in the corporate gift field since he works with his father in the family business Addex. René Adda wishes to create singular objects that are perfectly recognizable, both by their look and by their function. He uses rubber or aluminum as the main materials on which he builds his identity: the Lexon brand was born. This Frenchy who planned to create several brands is quickly surprised by the speed with which Lexon is gaining momentum. By betting without hesitation on design, it revolutionized the business gift market, which was then very sluggish at the time. René Adda also senses that the Internet is the largest showcase on the planet. So he uses this network to market Lexon objects and not shops.

A concentration of outstanding designers

If René Adda continues to let his creativity express itself, he now surrounds himself with nearly fifty designers, some of whom are rising values ​​while others have already been true world references for many years. Marc Berthier, Jean-Marie Massaud, Philippe Starck, Adrian & Jeremy Wright are major contributors to Lexon's reputation. The collections follow one another at high speed, in a dizzying whirlwind of colors and novelties… Many large companies around the world are proud to offer their customers business gifts by Lexon. A signature appreciated such a great distinction. Lexon exhibits his works of art in the most famous places on the planet such as the Center Pompidou or the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) located in New York.

Art and Design at a reasonable price

Given the limited budget available to some companies for their business gifts (start-ups love Lexon collections), the objects of the brand are sold at reasonable prices. Thus, the general public can have fun. The Lexon object is therefore not only a professional gift. It is also a personal gift. From leisure items to luggage, from electronic accessories to office accessories, each Lexon creation is useful while making the user happy. The label appeals to all generations with which it maintains a real bond. We like the range of ultra trendy colors (bamboo, vermilion, light gray or azure, dark green and aluminum). We love the distinguished collections of Lexon including Take Time, Prism, Hobo, Airline, Urban, Titanium, Premium and Mezzo. From the Kookii coffee set to the Too Much Aroma aroma vaporizer, from the Zen Cup remote control range to the Greenman solar LED lamp rechargeable on USB, Lexon offers each of us the opportunity to brighten up its interior thanks to practical, original and aesthetic objects.