The same for less: a leopard cushion

The same for less: a leopard cushion

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The animal trend is on the rise both in our summer decorations and in our winter decor. The proof with the leopard pattern which has not aged as much in fashion as in our interiors. This week, the editor started looking for a cushion for the famous cat's coat and found two models. Seen on the catwalks and in the decorative collections: the leopard motif, which year after year, slips easily into an ethnic-style living room or in an animal-like bedroom. After having flashed on the beautiful skin model of Springbok from Peau de Vache, we surveyed the canvas to find a model that looks like it at a more affordable price. Surprise at La Redoute which offers a pretty cushion with a feline print made by Madura which has the added advantage of presenting a very soft fur! You just have to crack!
Springbok leopard skin cushion at Peau de Vache at € 99 / Madura leopard cushion cover at La Redoute at € 21.60


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