Tutorial: an original separation with hanging plants

Tutorial: an original separation with hanging plants

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In the list of criteria for the selection of accommodation, there is always a very good place vis-à-vis and greenery. Since it is difficult to find accommodation that meets all these criteria, we looked for a way to improve yours while waiting to find the gem! Today, we are going to learn how to create an original separation to bring a little greenery to your accommodation.


- two pots about 15 cm in diameter (we used outdoor candles) - two pots of 5 cm in diameter (we used outdoor candles) - two plants about 30 cm high - the 2 mm thick rope - a tape measure - a pair of scissors Budget: around 35 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by repotting the plants in the two largest pots. In our case, we used outdoor candles in pretty pots with a wicker outline. Prepare the rope and take the measurements from where you want to hang them.
2. Measure the exact height at which you want to hang the plants and plan a vertical distance of about 30 cm between the plants. Keep the same gap to create a nice balance. The pots must always be tied with a rope at each end to avoid any phenomenon of rotation. Cut the pieces of rope to the desired dimensions by adding 50 centimeters for the top knot and the level settings. Tie the strings to the pots.
3. Hang the pots on a beam or hooks and make the level adjustments. Leave a space of about 10 cm wide between each pot.


This pretty pendant light will be as decorative as it is practical in your interior. As it allows to separate two spaces without cluttering the room, it will be ideal in a small apartment.

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