The gluttony Bible, the collection of the Best Pastry Chef

The gluttony Bible, the collection of the Best Pastry Chef

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You followed their adventures on the show Le Meilleur Pâtissier and no doubt drooled over your screen, taste their creations now for real! M6 Editions has just published La Bible de la gourmandise, the collection of the Best Pastry Chef with the 200 essential recipes of the best candidates of the show. Watching Le Meilleur Pâtissier is like putting your hand in a box of chocolates: you have to keep coming back! This will also be the case for this book aptly named The Bible of Gluttony. It begins with some recipes from the members of the jury. Reading the instructions for the strawberry from Mercotte or the chocolate-raspberry nun from Cyril, you can understand why they are on that side of the table. Then come the recipes of the most emblematic candidates: we find the creations of Mounir, Thomas, Agathe or Aurélie. These recipes are classified by theme, this allows you to find a pastry for every occasion!

Because everyone does not master the basics of pastry making, this Bible uses the classics with different pastas and creams. It is also enriched with a glossary and a list of essential pastry utensils. For the recipes, the photos speak for themselves. We want to try everything! What I did this weekend with the poached apple tart and salted butter caramel. A real treat !

The Best Pastry Chef: The Gourmet Bible, M6 editions, 320 p., € 24.90

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