We have spotted the rope carpets for you

We have spotted the rope carpets for you

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You have already noticed, the 50s took decoration by storm! Furniture, colors, design are interfering in the smallest collections. Behind the trend in date, the rope or jute carpet which is inspired by these emblematic years. Presenting sinuous forms and natural tones, it appears in the foreground in the decoration.

We noticed it for you!

In full rise in the most hyped interiors, the rope or natural jute carpet surprises with its original shapes. Sporting flexible and sinuous curves to form a kind of rosette or flower, it discreetly stylizes your floor. Its natural material gives it a clear, natural hue with honey-colored reflections that go perfectly with a bohemian spirit.

Photo credit: Armadillo & Co

1 carpet, 4 possibilities to find it

This trend is only at the beginning, only a few solutions are available to you to adopt a rope or jute rug. First of all, know that it is possible to create it yourself! To do this, take a thick string and a glue gun. Compose several circles by winding the rope like a snail and then assemble your different compositions by playing on the dimensions. In addition, you can also try your luck and find real vintage rope carpets on ebay or Le Bon Coin. As for the Etsy site, which brings together creators from all over the world, it offers rope or jute rugs made by real enthusiasts. Our favorites: Great Home, In The Twelfth Scale and La Petite Petal. And our favorite goes straight to the carpet of the Daisy collection at Armadillo & Co which also offers a colorful children's version.

Photo credits: Armadillo & Co / In The Twelfth Scale