Mistakes to Avoid with PVC Flooring

Mistakes to Avoid with PVC Flooring

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Mistake # 1: forgetting that PVC is plastic

Cigarette burns, hot ash splashes, matches and other incandescences in direct contact with a PVC flooring do not forgive! Indeed, PVC is partly composed of a plasticizer. Even if you opt for a thick and particularly impact-resistant model, a simple cigarette ash can mark it forever! Vigilance also if you want to install a PVC floor where you use a fireplace or a wood stove, because the risks of projections are frequent. The best ? Use PVC flooring for your bedroom, dining room or bathroom ... No risk of burns!

Mistake # 2: choosing a PVC not suitable for high traffic

There are different categories of PVC floor ranging from the most modest to the high end. Beware of the cheapest PVC flooring models. Prefer to place them in more discreet places. One bedroom, there is no problem. Conversely, an entry there is niet! Strong passages, stilettos ... They could be very quickly - and definitively - punched. Also, be careful to ask felt pads under chairs, tables and other miscellaneous furniture on your PVC flooring. This will save him many irreversible marks!

Mistake n ° 3: put a PVC on a support with imperfections

If the support is absolutely not flat and devoid of any roughness, the result may be catastrophic. A PVC must indeed be placed on a prepared floor, namely perfectly cleaned and without any imperfection. If you do not take this precaution, there may remain some irregularities that will affect your walking comfort, but also the aesthetics of the ground. It would be a shame if your PVC floor had any defects after it was installed because of previous poor cleaning of the support, not true ? Do you want to put PVC on a concrete support? You just need to make a slight sandingthen use a grip primary and one coating smoothing before installing your flooring. Be careful to apply these two undercoats in a homogeneous and regular way! Would you rather put a PVC floor on a tile support? Apply a leveling compound before the PVC floor. Same thing: stay alert to accuracy. This precaution will make the tile joints completely invisible.

Mistake # 4: cleaning your PVC floor with any product

This is a serious mistake! The PVC flooring does not support certain aggressive products such as remover, theacetone, trichlorethylene, abrasive powders, or even ultra concentrated products. In order to keep the shine and color of your PVC floor for a long time, opt for regular suction, then a dusting using a damp mop in microfiber. Note that degreasing can be carried out using a non-aggressive product. Forget the steam cleaner just like varnishes and waxes. They could damage your PVC floor. A word of advice: it is better to avoid placing rubber mats on a PVC floor or walking on it with colored rubber soles. They can leave traces that are difficult to erase. Ouch!

To note

Are there any differences between a pvc flooring and one vinyl flooring ? Although their composition is both based onpolyvinyl chloride, PVC and vinyl floor coverings differ in their manufacturing method. PVC flooring is a plastic floor compact, it is manufactured bycalendering. Vinyl flooring, meanwhile, is expanded vinyl, it is manufactured bycoating. This differentiation is not a rule, but it is used enough to distinguish them. Attention to the use in store when you go to buy your PVC flooring, so!


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