How to organize open shelves in the kitchen?

How to organize open shelves in the kitchen?

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In the kitchen, the open shelves represent perfect storage spaces for our dishes or condiments. If they are practical, they can also become a key element in the decoration of our kitchens, provided they are well organized. What if we told you that we have found tips to make this storage area a useful, practical and aesthetic space? Yes, yes, I promise! The proof in pictures !

A dedicated space

To optimize the storage of your kitchen and create a harmonious space, a tip is to divide the space on your shelf according to the usefulness of each of your objects. A space dedicated to plates, another to bowls, one to glasses… it's up to you! For more originality, opt for a storage by colors.

Decorative storage

The decor tip that makes all the difference? Store powdered sugar, flour and other condiments or spices in pretty transparent jars and then display them on one or more wall shelves as decorative objects in their own right. And for more originality, we subtly mix them with our favorite decorative accessories!

The art of simplicity

For harmonious storage, store only simple dishes of the same dimensions and store the more colorful items in your closed drawers or cupboards. By following this tip, you will get a modern, airy, bright and more spacious kitchen than it actually is! Bonus, you will find a knack for your cooking essentials!