How to use a drill to sand?

How to use a drill to sand?

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Answer: A few accessories are enough to transform your drill into a sander

It is not always easy to carry out your sanding work manually, but few people know that they can recycle their drill into a sander, using only a few accessories. The supplies required are: sanding discs; sanding wheel; nylon brushes and protective equipment (glasses, mask, gloves ...). First, the sanding wheel - mounted in the drill chuck - allows sanding of rounded surfaces. There are also sanding discs intended for more or less approximate work, such as the stripping of metals eaten away by rust. Just tilt the rubber support 15 degrees. The metallic and nylon brushes are best used on wood. Pay attention to the abrasive grain, which changes according to the desired result. To strip, use 40. For sanding upstream of the paint, prefer 80 to 180. The finer the abrasive, the more precise the work. Want to know more about drills? Consult the Guide to choose your drill find at Bricozor. Without forcing the purchase, this guide explains very well the advantages of the models in order to inform you and thus allow you to choose the drill that corresponds to your needs.