Leonardo, glass specialist

Leonardo, glass specialist

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Glass has no equal in playing with light and bringing a touch of lightness to our interiors with a sleek design. Tableware and decorative items give it pride of place, as can be seen with the Leonardo collections. This glass specialist has created top-of-the-range pieces for a century and a half which are exported all over the world.

History of a brand

It was in 1859 - in Bad Driburg, Germany - that Benedikt Koch decided to open his business. It specializes in the creation of glass objects born from the expertise of local glassmakers. The first collections were soon sold across borders, in Russia but also in the Netherlands. Sixty years later, the company became GlasKoch before being run by Benedikt Koch's grandson: Heinz Koch. Over time, the company continues to thrive, and in the 1970s became the essential wholesaler of glass objects. These are sold all over the world, and in 1972, GlasKoch becomes Leonardo and then launches the Montana brand a year later.

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Leonardo, high quality design

From now on, the collections of Leonardo glass objects are multiplying, from tableware to glass jewelry, basic or unique. Innovative collections, design, always in line with the trend of the moment. In 2002, the Reddot Award - high quality Design category - was awarded to the collection of whiskey and long drink glasses, Soho. Today, many glass products from the German leader are on sale in specialized furniture stores but also in mass distribution, at very affordable prices. Everyone can therefore afford seasonal glass objects absolutely in tune with the times.

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Leonardo: purity and elegance

For a table full of gaiety, the Millefiori collection declines orangeade glasses, goblets, flutes, wine glasses accompanied by their jug, all sprinkled with colorful flowers. Always to play on the color, the purity, the elegance, the unique transparency of a high quality glass, the Optic collection is second to none to illuminate the table with its large orangeade glasses of flared shape, in the colors warm such as fuchsia, blue, yellow, red or orange. The tables swing with Nizza champagne glasses and Modella wine glasses, even more sparkling in the light of a Leonardo Taormina tealight holder. What about the range of Beauty vases and bowls, these creations that integrate happily into a contemporary decor? The Leonardo tableware is the art of daily living.

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The Teqton® quality of Leonardo

The Leonardo brand combines crystalline finesse with resistance thanks to a process developed by the Leonardo research center and patented by GlasKoch: Teqton®. This innovative material makes for incredibly shiny, impact-resistant glasses that support the dishwasher. A material capable of satisfying lovers of great vintages. Indeed, among the Leonardo collections in Teqton®, Rossini owes its design to the concertation between creators and oenologists. The shape of the glasses and their size have been studied down to the smallest detail to reveal the subtle aromas of all types of wine. A pure success.

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