Material focus: how to choose a workshop easel?

Material focus: how to choose a workshop easel?

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An essential support for any artist to lay his canvas, the workshop easel will find its place in your work room and will never leave it. Large in size, it can accommodate canvases up to 3 meters high. Different models are available, most often in wood (beech for better resistance). Here are some tips for making your choice.

The news: 739795 classic workshop easel

The most common models are rectangular in shape with an imposing H base to accommodate larger canvases. Reclining to capture the right light and find the best position, they also make it possible to raise or lower the canvas thanks to an adjustment system. The four legs can be on casters or skates to facilitate movement within the workshop. Some are equipped with a double shelf to place a canvas on each side. The workshop easels are most often provided with lockers, drawers or compartments, allowing to store all its equipment painting / drawing: news: 739807 brushes, pencils, knives, tubes painting, rags, palette, etc. You will find workshop easels from around one hundred euros. Prices can reach 600 euros for the most luxurious easels.

The news: 739795 academic easel / lyre

There is also another model of news: 739795 workshop easel : the news: 739795 lyre easel or news: 739795 academic easel. Trapezoid-shaped, it has three legs and is lighter and easier to handle than the actual: 739795 classic easel with four legs. It is particularly suitable for cramped workshops and small and medium-sized fabrics. It can be equipped with a shelf to accommodate the equipment. It can be made of pine wood and will therefore be lighter, but also less robust than beech trestles. You will find pine easels from around forty euros. However, do not hesitate to invest in more solid material, count about 100 euros minimum for a news: 739795 beech easel. Some other easels are fixed to the wall and are intended not to move.