4 tips for choosing and preparing your suitcase

4 tips for choosing and preparing your suitcase

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We are a few weeks or even a few days away from the big departure on vacation. It is therefore urgent to take stock of the state of our suitcases and to start preparations. Choosing the right suitcase is essential, as is preparing it. Today, the editorial team offers tips and advice on choosing and preparing your suitcase.

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Tip # 1: Choose a suitcase suitable for traveling

Having the right suitcase means having a suitcase of the right size and suitable for the type of transport chosen. Indeed, if you go on vacation by car, you can opt for basic and practical canvas suitcases. The latter will only have the role of transporting your clothes. If you take public transport, you should favor rigid, light and malleable models. Note that if you are flying, the baggage you will take in the cabin must respect a size. The latter is almost the same for all airlines, namely 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

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Tip # 2: Pay attention to the details

Are you going to walk with your suitcase? Check the casters. Prefer flexible to rigid, they absorb shock better and are easier to use. The classic and telescopic handles are also to be checked. The larger the suitcase, the stronger the handles must be. If you use public transport often, make sure there are 3 handles: a handle on the top of the suitcase, one on the side and a telescopic handle. Inside your suitcase, you must be able to store all of your clothes, including the most fragile. If there are closures, seams or other roughness, these must be smooth so as not to damage your clothes. It is always better to have different compartments and more particularly an accessible pocket, placed outside. It allows you to store everything that should be close at hand. Finally last detail, make sure the suitcase is waterproof!

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Tip # 3: Store your clothes properly

When packing, make sure you pack your clothes properly. These should be folded the same way as in your closet. Do not try to save space by rolling them up or making additional folds. They will be immovable! Ideally, place more fragile clothing between solid clothing. Once your stack of clothes is placed, add your toiletry bag. Your underwear can be placed in free spaces or in pockets. In your suitcase, there are fasteners designed to hold your clothes in place. Use them! This prevents your clothes from unfolding and therefore wrinkling.

Tip # 4: Organize the suitcase

A well-made suitcase is an organized suitcase. Always have bags for this. They will be useful for placing personal hygiene products, for preventing your shoes from dirtying your clothes and for placing dirty laundry. Note that there are different models of toilet or vanity cases to place on the suitcase, at the level of the telescopic handles. They allow you to free up space in the suitcase. In the outer pockets, place what you want to have on hand. It is the ideal location for your magazines, your bottle of water and everything related to your trip (tickets, reservations, map, etc.).

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