Video: descaling your bathroom

Video: descaling your bathroom

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Have you noticed white marks on your bathroom floor? Tap water is particularly calcareous in your city, and traces of tartar accumulate on your pipes? Laid Azzi, from, gives you his secret to make tartar disappear without using any chemical.

Watch the video :The necessary equipment To make scale disappear, it is not necessarily essential to invest in expensive and harmful chemicals for the environment. You can also clean your bathroom using an old sponge and demineralized water. If you don't have demineralized water, you can use white vinegar, which is also an excellent descaler.Removing traces of tartar To remove traces of tartar and find a clean and healthy bathroom, simply soak your sponge with demineralized water or white vinegar. Please note: the demineralized water cap is a secure cap. You must therefore press it while turning it to open the bottle. When your sponge is sufficiently soaked, rub the squeezed surface until the lime disappears. The result is immediate, so you will know immediately if you need to rub a little harder or if the tartar has disappeared. Once you feel you are done, rinse the demineralized water or the white vinegar with fresh water. Follow Laid Azzi's advice: your bathroom will regain its radiance. Watch the video Descale your bathroom on Produced by Minute Facile.