How to design my outdoor summer kitchen?

How to design my outdoor summer kitchen?

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Do you want to create an outdoor summer kitchen to make the most of sunny days and emphasize conviviality? Very trendy, it must be aesthetic but also practical in order to meet everyone's needs. It is not necessary to plan a big budget so that this key place of the life in the open air tends towards perfection.

Transform a garden shed into a covered summer kitchen

You can optimize your garden shed by transforming it into a summer kitchen. If the electrical and sanitary connections are already made, expenses will be reduced. Being covered, the space dedicated to the preparation of meals and other summer snacks can be used even if it rains. It is indeed wise to make the summer kitchen a place sheltered from bad weather which you can enjoy whatever the weather. But that does not exempt you from paying particular attention to the choice of electrical devices. These must imperatively be highly resistant.

Surface and location of my summer kitchen?

Beware of overly cramped summer kitchens that do not allow the installation of essential elements and appliances, nor enjoy optimum comfort. It is therefore better to reserve at least twelve square meters to be comfortable. Before building your summer kitchen area with an area of ​​less than twenty square meters, do not forget to send your town hall a declaration of work. If you see things big and want to create a space in your outdoor summer kitchen to accommodate your guests, know that from twenty square meters you will have to file a building permit at the town hall. Whether attached to the house, installed in the middle of the garden or even by the pool, the summer kitchen must be sheltered from prevailing winds. If it is facing south, it may be useful to provide a planted trellis to create shade.

An uncovered summer kitchen

To limit expenses, why not opt ​​for an uncovered summer kitchen also called nomadic cuisine? This economical solution is particularly suitable for all those who do not wish to embark on large construction works. With this type of outdoor summer kitchen, there is no need to mount walls. It is still necessary to provide a stable floor type wooden terrace or self-locking pavers for example, ensuring the stability of the various cooking appliances and storage furniture but also your comfort. There is also no exception to the wastewater-electricity and possibly gas connections.

How to equip an outdoor summer kitchen

Sink with a drainer, extractor hood, plancha, barbecue, grill, pizza oven, stove, see traditional oven, but also small furniture are all elements to install in a summer kitchen, especially if it is provided to use it daily. Specialty stores have something to make you fall in love. However, if your budget is limited, take the time to think about your needs and offer yourself only what will really serve you. Also note that the more devices you have, the more space you will need. The right compromise for a small outdoor summer kitchen is to opt for a multifunction cooking appliance that is very well suited to nomadic kitchens. Some portable charcoal models include a grill, plancha, oven, smoker, pancake pan and pizza: an all-in-one ultra-judicious. It remains to move on to the decor. Rustic, design? Make your summer kitchen a place that suits you, where you will enjoy cooking for your guests. Specialists offer kit or custom kitchens. It is up to you to integrate this space into your garden according to your preferences.