Shopping selection: Armored doors

Shopping selection: Armored doors

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Modern and aesthetic, the new armored doors are far from the image of the heavy entrances of bank safes. If they are important for the security of your home (80% of burglaries of individual houses go through the door), they are also the first face of your decoration. To best choose your security door, the editorial staff has selected 6 different models for all tastes and styles.

Design and security

Armored door manufacturers are increasingly looking to combine security and design, like Designity, which works with the most noble materials, such as wood, stainless steel or leather. The sober lines of these contemporary doors give them a real decorative dimension. If you want glass on your door, opt for a burglar-resistant glass model, available from Picard. A material which, despite its solidity, lightens the traditional, somewhat massive look of armored doors. Want color? Bricard declines the doors in 10 different shades. Shielding is no longer synonymous with impersonality.

A wide range of prices

The price range for armored doors is as wide as the supply is flexible. The price depends on many criteria: custom model or not, need to redo the door frame, type of housing, materials, brand and the choice of professional who will install. It is therefore necessary to have quotes drawn up. Be vigilant about labels and certifications. They must meet the NF277 and FFS 61-937 fire standards. It is also recommended to comply with the A2P standard which certifies that the door / lock assembly has withstood the burglary tests. Before considering a door change, ask your town hall or your condominium. There are sometimes strict rules which govern and constrain in the choice of models or materials.
1. Diamant Luminance armored door at Picard, price on estimate / 2. Fosrtyl HIS armored door at Fichet, price on estimate / 3. Forstyl Spheris XP armored door at Fichet, price on estimate / 4. Metal armored door 3, 5 or 7 points at Torjman, price on estimate / 5. Synua armored door at Designity, price on estimate / 6. Minotaur Bricard door with multi-point lock at Bricard.