The Hawaiian motif returns!

The Hawaiian motif returns!

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You are always ahead of the trend, but after Brazil already seen too much, the ikat patterns of last year and the Scandinavian style, too wise, you are tired of the trends of the moment. Indulge yourself instantly with this deciphering of the latest trend that turns Marc Jacob's head and which is still in the trend books of the largest style offices. It is named after a dream destination and finds its inspiration in nature. Come on, we tell you everything: the Hawaiian trend is back!

Zoom on the Hawaiian motif

The Hawaiian motif is inspired by the nature of the Hawaiian Islands that make up a state in the United States. With a tropical climate, this archipelago benefits from an exceptional very green flora. And it is precisely from this abundance that the Hawaiian motif takes its source. Hibiscus and frangipani flowers, palm trees are displayed in abundance on textiles like the forest.

Where does the Hawaiian style come from?

The famous motif taken up by Magnum or even before him Elvis Presley or even Franck Sinatra, resurfaces in the jungle of trends. But did you know? Its origin dates back to Alfred Shaheen. Textile manufacturer, it sets up in Honolulu and very inspired by the surrounding nature, it produces several shirts with a significant pattern which will be taken up by GI's based in Hawaii and tourists who will bring them back to the American continent and the rest of the world. .

How to adopt the Hawaiian motif in decoration?

In decor, the Hawaiian style is just a source of inspiration, do not have fun wanting to reproduce a beach atmosphere, too cliché! The blue of the lagoons, the shape of the flowers from the vegetation, the famous crown of flowers are all elements that bloom in the decoration. Its best ally: textiles that take the form of cushions, tablecloths, curtains or even decorative paper ... But do not have a heavy hand at the risk of missing your effect. For example, choose two or three cushions with Hawaiian patterns that you will coordinate with a garland of paper flowers in the same tones and a pretty flowery tablecloth or sheers of the same effect. No more need!

Your 100% Hawaii shopping

The Petit Pan brand excels in colorful and flowery patterns. Cushions, tablecloths, fabrics by the meter, oilcloths, bed linen, kits… sport the famous motif. More whimsical, you will surely fall for the Hawaii cushion on shopzap.tv which caricatures the wreath of welcome flowers on a blue wavy pattern. At www.pacifique.com, there is a flourishing choice of Hawaiian fabrics that will allow you to make tablecloths, curtains or even cushions ... In terms of major brands, Zara Home and H&M Home have come up to speed and offer a selection of cushions and tablecloths with emblematic patterns. So ready for the big departure?


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