The Ikat motif has a new appointment with decoration

The Ikat motif has a new appointment with decoration

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Very popular in the 70s, the Ikat motif resurfaced in fashion as well as in decoration. Colorful and graphic at the same time, it seduces with its authentic spirit and its capacity to establish, in a room which adopts it, an ethnic chic style. Decryption deco of this pattern which causes a stir in decoration!

The Ikat quesako motif?

Taking its name from the Indonesian and Malaysian "mengikat", Ikat literally translates as "knotting". Before being a motif, Ikat is above all a traditional weaving technique. This ancestral method is obtained by a double process: it is necessary to weave the thread while coloring it in places to create the pattern. Can be woven by hand with silk, cotton or raffia, today it has won over major brands and is sold everywhere. AM PM, La Redoute, Bemz, Maisons du Monde, to quote the best known, have been seduced by Ikat.

How to adopt it at home, in your decor?

In decoration, there is a precaution to take with the Ikat motif! Beware of the total look. On the contrary, use it sparingly. A cushion on the bed or just an armchair is enough to infuse the ethnic chic style that emerges from its patterns. Very colorful, he likes to be in contact with the united. The white suits him and brightens his colors and the tones coordinated with his colors give him some pep!