LG Bedding Cleaner, the anti-mite vacuum cleaner

LG Bedding Cleaner, the anti-mite vacuum cleaner

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Cleaning up is good. But getting rid of dust and mites is better. To achieve this, you can count on the new LG Bedding Cleaner. The performances of this vacuum cleaner are no longer to be proven since even the medical profession recognizes its qualities. Want to know more about the LG Bedding Cleaner? Here's some informations.

Why choose an anti-mite vacuum cleaner?

The special feature of the LG Bedding Cleaner is that it is an anti-mite vacuum cleaner. This means that in addition to sucking, it destroys the mites and in its way prevents allergies. You should know that according to the World Health Organization, one in three French people suffer from allergies. This pathology comes in fourth position on the scale of chronic diseases and mites are the first allergen. Fighting house dust mites reduces the risk of allergies and asthma in children and adults. Thanks to the LG Bedding Cleaner, you can do your cleaning, fight mites and reduce the pollution of your interior in a single gesture.

How does the LG Bedding Cleaner mite vacuum cleaner work?

The LG Bedding Cleaner can be used on sheets, duvets, pillows, sofas, armchairs and even car seats. It collects all types of dust, destroys 94.54% of mites and 91.22% of pollen. For this, the anti-mite vacuum cleaner performs 8000 beats per minute in order to dislodge dust, mites and germs. At the same time its rotating brush collects the dust which it keeps in a perfectly airtight compartment. The cleaning of this compartment is facilitated in order to avoid contamination of the other elements.
Photo credit: LG The LG Bedding Cleaner has a sterilization station equipped with a UV lamp. So the vacuum cleaner is cleaned and sterilized in 5 minutes. Double filtration (EPA 11 and HEPA 13) filters the air while sanitizing it. The LG Bedding Cleaner is a cordless device. It therefore comes with a lithium battery which, when charged, has a battery life of between 25 to 30 minutes. The battery and the materials that make up the vacuum cleaner are ecological and recyclable.
Photo credit: LG

Recognized quality

The LG Bedding Cleaner is a quality element. This quality is recognized by the French Association for the Prevention of Allergies (AFPRAL) and the British Allergy Foundation. It also received a 4-star SLG certification. This certification guarantees the quality of the air filtration and the optimization of the appliance hygiene. The performance of the LG Bedding Cleaner is no longer to be proven. The device also stands out for its ergonomics and design. Like its performance, its design was rewarded at the Good Design Awards 2013 in Japan and Korea. To purchase the device, go to LG points of sale. To find the dealer closest to you, log on to the site:
Photo credit: LG