How to successfully install an armored door?

How to successfully install an armored door?

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If you want to secure the entrance to your interior, the armored door remains the safest solution to deter burglars. In addition to its security aspect which delays burglary, the armored door also has the advantage of offering you acoustic and thermal insulation for better comfort in your interior. Benefits which you will profit from the installation of this one on condition of succeeding this site in the rules of the art.

Call a professional

Know that for the installation of an armored door, it is better to call a professional especially if you do not have experience in DIY. Indeed, the armored door will be difficult to handle because it weighs a certain weight because of its shielding. The other advantage of using a locksmith or a craftsman for the installation will be to benefit from a guarantee by a professional insurance in the event of faulty workmanship but also to profit from a reduced rate of VAT on the material. Do not hesitate to make quotes before making your choice.

Step 1: prepare your site

Before purchasing your armored door, it is essential to take the measurements of your current door accurately. So do not hesitate to repeat the operation and check your grip at different places on the door. Also think about the depth of the latter, the thickness of the wall. The first difficulty that you will therefore encounter if you choose to install your armored door yourself is its weight! The business will be all the more difficult if you live in an apartment and do not have an elevator. Anyway, it is strongly advised to carry out this work with the help of another person at least to facilitate the handling of the door, not to damage your equipment and to maximize your safety.

Step 2: deposit your door

Be several to remove the old door. Unfasten it using for example a crowbar if the operation is difficult. All you have to do is remove the screws that made up your old door. The field is now free to drop your new door.

Step 3: install the armored door unit and ensure the finishes

Proceed to the installation, taking care not to injure yourself (do not hesitate to wear safety shoes for this, which will be very useful in the event of the door falling). Start by placing the frame in the door frame and fix it securely by pegging it. Check the door levels to avoid any play. Then hinge the leaf on the frame. Last operation, then go to the finishes by making a joint and hiding the screws.


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