Before / After: restructure the space into three children's bedrooms

Before / After: restructure the space into three children's bedrooms

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In this Haussmannian apartment, the owners' request was a bit special. It was necessary to transform a fairly narrow space consisting of a parental bedroom and a children's bedroom into three separate children's bedrooms. This site therefore required the complete demolition of the existing partitions, floor, fireplace and bathroom, to become a metallic cocoon with an industrial style. Here is the result ! Area:36,6m² Budget:€ 70,000 including tax for the renovation, excluding fees of the interior designer and structural engineer

A very technical mezzanine structure

Before: Originally, the space includes a parental bedroom, a small adjoining children's bedroom served by the parents' bedroom, a bathroom and separate toilet. The will of the owners? Have three children's bedrooms with mezzanine, a bathroom, a laundry room and WC, to optimize the space dedicated to toddlers. After: The surface being limited to erect three bedrooms, the interior designer had the idea of ​​nesting mezzanines from one room to another.
A fairly complex structure of metal beams has been put in place so that no fulcrum touches the ground. All charges are transferred to the exterior load-bearing walls.

Create a canopy for more light

Before: The corridor was not very bright (because it was low under the ceiling) and the entire space lacked light. After: The budget being limited, it was necessary to find clever solutions such as for example leaving the structure visible and playing on the industrial side of it.
The railings were therefore made in traditional locksmithing. A small workshop canopy has been installed at the end of the corridor to provide more natural light.

Well thought-out storage and lingerie

Before:The difficulty of the site was also to create storage space in a small area, because the owner wanted each children's room to have at least one extra bed (in addition to a fixed bed), cupboards and a desk. The little functional lingerie had a fairly dated style. After: The baby lingerie has been completely redone. To place the bathroom far enough from a drain, it was necessary to install a lifting pump, slightly embedded in the ground.
The mezzanine stairs allow you to store toys or clothes. Each bedroom also has a closet of at least one meter, located under the mezzanine.
For more information, visit the website of the interior designer Flora Auvray or on her on blog