The uses of white vinegar in the garden

The uses of white vinegar in the garden

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White vinegar works miracles in the home. It makes the windows and the dishes shine, it maintains the pipes, helps to fight limescale and overcomes stubborn tasks. Can we enjoy white vinegar in the garden? To find out, we contacted Starwax advisers. Laurence answered our questions and shared many tips for making the best use of white vinegar in the garden.

How to use white vinegar in the garden?

White vinegar is a natural product that is as useful in the home as in the garden. Outdoors, white vinegar is a powerful weedkiller. It can also be used as an insecticide and even to maintain garden furniture, walkways or even the terrace. Depending on the chosen use, it will be necessary to adapt the dosage.

How to make a white vinegar weedkiller?

To make a homemade weedkiller based on white vinegar, you need vinegar and water. You have to mix 1 liter of vinegar with 0.5 liter of water and place the mixture in a sprayer. With 1.5 liters of weedkiller, it is possible to treat 10m². Because it is natural, you can use white vinegar everywhere in the garden, including in the vegetable patch!

How to use white vinegar as an insecticide?

White vinegar can be used as an insecticide, but its effectiveness is limited. Indeed, white vinegar is very effective in fighting aphids. It is used diluted and vaporized directly on plants. Ideally you should plan 1 dose of white vinegar for 10 doses of water.

How to use white vinegar as a cleaner?

White vinegar is ideal for having an impeccable garden. Because it is effective against limescale, moss or mold, you can use it to clean your garden furniture but also children's outdoor games, the windows of your greenhouse, gardening tools or even flower pots. White vinegar is very practical for having a terrace and clean, weed-free walkways.

The many uses of white vinegar in the home

The uses of white vinegar are so numerous that the natural product has become a must for the maintenance of the interior and exterior of the house. Indeed, remember that white vinegar can be used to: - Clean the windows, - Brighten the dishes, including the copper elements, - Clean the taps, - Combat lime, - Clean the pipes, - Degrease, - Detach.