I organize my kitchen for the Christmas meal

I organize my kitchen for the Christmas meal

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Business is getting better and you can almost feel that there is electricity in the air. Children are impatient while adults have moments of panic. Are all the gifts ready? Who takes care of the cheeses? Those who love to cook bet big with the Christmas Eve meal and want everything to be perfect. There are only 6 days left before the fateful date, so it's time to prepare your kitchen to fight the fight of the year. Here are 4 essential steps for the battlefield that your kitchen will be organized to make you win this culinary war.

Step 1: Gather your kitchen sheets

You swear by the aunt Marcelle foie gras recipe, but for the Yule log, it's a tradition, you bring out your favorite pastry book every year. In the kitchen, everyone has their own little tips and references, often tested and approved by the whole family. Far be it from us to make you change your habits. Note anyway that between the consultation of several books that occupy the work plan and the call to an aunt for a final check on the cooking of foie gras, we have already seen simpler in terms of organization. This year, simplify your task! Beginning by gathering in one place all the recipes for New Years Eve. Scan, copy, photocopy, print, it doesn't matter as long as you only have one tidy filing cabinet left to view all of your recipes. On D-Day, you will no longer have to search for your Christmas recipes. You will no longer have to handle heavy books that may stain. You will no longer have to pick up these loose leaves on which you have scribbled your preparations. And you won't even have to call Aunt Marcelle in a hurry any longer.
Source: Crafty Stacy and One canoe two

Step 2: Provide a dashboard

Do not try to minimize the situation. The New Years Eve meal is a real undertaking, which can be stressful if it has not been well prepared. Even if it may seem a bit too exaggerated, setting up a dashboard like with professionals can be of great use to you. This is all the more necessary if there are several of you working in the kitchen. To avoid recurring (and tiring) questions like "What can I do to help you?" or "I'm done peeling, what do I do now?", we organize the tasks in stages. The volunteers will just have to stick to it and will not distract you anymore. Think about how to "cut" your work according to preparation and cooking times. We also know that some dishes can be prepared in advance such as foie gras (to be made at least two days in advance) or the log (made the day before, it will only be better). On D-Day, all you have to do is follow your clearly visible roadmap, for example on the fridge or on a lectern.
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Step 3: Put away your fridge

Do not wait to come back from shopping to put away your fridge, otherwise beware of the puzzle. Between the capon, the oysters, the log and the foie gras, your refrigerator will quickly reach the point of no return. Start by emptying and cleaning your refrigerator to optimize it. For that, refer to our article on 16 tips for cleaning and storing your fridge. Ideally, plan a shopping list so that the day before Christmas Eve, your fridge is as empty as possible. To save even more space, do not hesitate to freeze certain foods that you do not need immediately. Once the vacuum has been created, you can still improve the free space by storing certain foodstuffs elsewhere. For the lucky ones with a garden, they will be able to store certain food there provided that the temperature conditions are equivalent to those of their refrigerator.

Step 4: Take out your appliances

Some household appliances will be of great help to you on Christmas Eve. It is therefore not a waste of time to check the working condition of some of them, in particular those which are used only rarely. When you realize on D-Day that the toaster is no longer working, there is something to be a little nervous. Once the check-up is done, make sure to provide the necessary space to install them in strategic places. In this context, free up the maximum space on your work surface and arrange strategic points like the pastry corner near the multifunction robot and not too far from the oven. If you have a robot cooker, take the opportunity to give it tasks that it masters (for example an English sauce or a béchamel). You will save time and peace of mind.
Source: Better homes and gardens

Step 5: Organize your food

You are almost ready to face this marathon day. The last step is to strategically organize the different ingredients for your cooking recipes. You can follow the example of the photos below by grouping together your ingredients. Another time-saving solution will be to weigh easily storable items like flour or sugar in advance. Equip yourself with airtight bags on which you will write the name of the product as well as its quantity. This last operation carried out, you have all the keys in hand to spend a day in the kitchen in the most pleasant way possible and without stress. And don't put too much pressure on yourself, remember that Christmas Eve is above all a time of sharing and good humor with the family!
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