Before / After: Revitalizing a long-term studio

Before / After: Revitalizing a long-term studio

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Arranging a large room arranged all in length is a job that requires rigor and adaptation: it is indeed a matter of visually delimiting the different spaces in order to break the "corridor" effect, often generated by such an arrangement. In this 25 m2 studio dating from the 70s, the owner wanted to give a more current atmosphere to his interior to rent the apartment. To carry out this project, he called on the agency My Interior Custom, specialized in renovation and decoration coaching. After several weeks of work, the architects managed to bring a fresh breath and a touch of retro to the new decoration! Parisian accommodation is now ready to welcome its first tenants ...

Create a design and contemporary atmosphere

Before : When Pierre acquires this Parisian studio, everything has to be done again. In addition to bringing plumbing and electricity up to standard, the owner wishes to emphasize the decoration of his apartment, which has not existed until now. Seduced by the design spirit of the 1950s, he entrusted the renovation of the accommodation and its decorative makeover to the MISM agency. First observation of the architect in charge of the project: the poor layout of the spaces which generates a significant loss of space. It is essential to redefine and optimize them in order to take advantage of the least square meter available. The decoration will be completely revised and corrected to create a more modern decor atmosphere. After having defined with the owner the budget and the main stages of the new interior layout, the work can begin… After : The transformation of the studio is spectacular to say the least: the drab and worn interior has given way to a modern and coherent atmosphere, perfectly in line with the trends of the moment. The architect of the agency MISM took into account the decorative desires of Pierre by opting for frank colors on the walls and on the various interior elements: black, white and yellow now predominate while bringing a very contemporary breath to the studio. The recurrence of yellow is also reminiscent of the use that could be made of orange in the 70s, during which the apartment was built: the repetition of the color and the monochrome coordinates create an effect style that fits perfectly with the new furniture. To complete this vintage atmosphere, the interior designer has in fact opted for white thermomolded furniture in the spirit of the creations of Panton and Eames. Complemented by more current pieces in gray and white tones, the new decoration has something to attract future tenants of the studio.

Separate spaces

Before : Pierre's studio has the disadvantage of being arranged in length, which generates a significant loss of space. Another negative point is the light. It is essential to make the most of the only source of external lighting provided by the large picture window, thanks to a clever and functional arrangement. We will also have to create new light sources… After : The architect of the agency MISM delimited the different living spaces by means of the furniture and the wall colors. Next to the bay window is now the lounge area with a sofa bed, table and low shelves. The main room is then extended by the kitchen area in front of which stands a dining table and two chairs in the Verner Panton spirit. At this point in the studio, the white wall turns bright yellow in order to visually delimit the dining area and enhance the furniture. To make up for the lack of natural light, spotlights have been integrated into the ceiling above the kitchen. Thanks to these additional light sources and to the yellow paint which naturally reflects daylight, the apartment seems more spacious while remaining cozy and pleasant. More info on MISM - My Custom Interior.