Put away your life: Elise Delprat-Alvares' storage tips

Put away your life: Elise Delprat-Alvares' storage tips

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What if tidying up your house made it possible to live a better life? This is what Élise Delprat-Alvares, passionate about storage, and Pauline Levasseur, home organizer by trade, defend in their book Put away your life! (ed. Larousse). We went to meet Élise Delprat-Alvares so that she could explain her tidying up philosophy and give us some tips…

What did you learn from your meeting with Pauline Levasseur, home organizer?

Pauline has, as a professional, a very rich field experience. She is as passionate as I am on the subject (which is quite rare!), But also brought to meet many different profiles, families as well as singles; she therefore knows perfectly how to intervene on very precise, targeted and difficult issues. Our meeting was precious in the sense that she brought me her experience, but also her practical tips (memory boxes and bazaar basket, for example). With his advice, I also made sure that this book allows everyone to play down: storage is ultimately not something complicated and there are above all, not 50 ways to go about it!

Marie Kondo promises happiness to those who apply her method, what can readers expect from your storage method?

I think it is difficult to generalize because fortunately, everyone is different and there are people who, all the better, are very happy to live in messy interiors (hello, dad!) I promise nothing, but I am persuaded that with my method, tidying up rhymes with gaining: time for oneself and one's own, well-being, space, efficiency.

Boxes, cartons and bags of all kinds piled up in this entry. Pauline Levasseur came to put order!

Could you explain to our readers the "Snow White syndrome"?

When I was little, my favorite cartoon was Snow White, like many little girls at the time (the Snow Queen did not exist!)… My favorite passage was the one where Snow White began to tidy up and clean the inside of the 7 dwarfs' cottage with the animals: it gave life and all its splendor to this lovely cottage, where the upkeep left something to be desired ... Before falling asleep then peacefully. The passage of this cartoon deeply marked me, I could iron it in a loop. It perfectly illustrates 2 things: - Storage soothes and makes you happy: Snow White fell asleep not because she was exhausted, but because she was relaxed and happy. - Even modest, a tidy interior will always be a cozy, pleasant interior where life is good! A tidy house, we simply want to take care of it and make it more beautiful and pleasant: candles, a few plants, a pretty bouquet, colorful cushions…

How to sort your stuff with peace of mind?

I advise to sort alone, or accompanied by a neutral person (a friend of a friend, a neighbor ...), but especially not by someone likely to put you in doubt ("this dress, keep it, it is nickel "," These shoes are like new "" this series of pans, it can always be used "...). Sorting is a serious matter between yourself and your objects! And if it is too difficult to do it alone, do not panic, then be accompanied by a professional.

Before, there was not even room to sleep in this room… After, Pauline Levasseur helped her clients sort and organize all these clothes. It was so effective that a wardrobe was able to be evacuated, allowing the room to breathe better!

Is a tidy house compatible with life as a couple?

A poorly arranged interior is often the subject of discord within the couple! So I would say that a tidy house can be one of the keys to a fulfilling couple's life (beware, the keychain still has several keys!) To do this, it is sometimes necessary that everyone make efforts (or concessions! ), it's normal, that's life! For example, you have to set up small automatic devices, starting with very simple things: hang your keys right away when you come in, put your shoes away, get rid of the flyers (or even remedy them by opting for the STOP PUB on the letters)… It's always the little things that ultimately make the big "everything".

And with family life?

With children, storage is not only compatible, it is vital! Naturally, a child can not tidy up if it is not taught, this is completely normal. It is up to us parents, to teach him and also to establish limits to the play areas, so that they do not invade the entire interior: do not wait until the apartment turns into a play area for to act ! Tidying up should be fun learning, not a chore or an imposed punishment. You also have to put yourself in the child's place by offering him suitable storage solutions and at his height: plastic boxes on casters that are easy to move do the trick perfectly, for simple and efficient storage!

Professionals too can be overwhelmed: in this medical office, Pauline Levasseur has done miracles again. We are inspired by the organization by boxes for the bathroom or the laundry room.

What if there was only one tip to remember to tidy up your house?

For storage to work, whatever it is, you have to want to put it away for a good reason from the start. Tidying up well sometimes requires a good dose of motivation, let's be honest, it will certainly not fall on you through the operation of the Holy Spirit! So you need a specific goal to be able to fuel it and stay the course (motivation). Why do you want to tidy up? There can be hundreds of answers to this simple question: because I can't find anything anymore, because I'm tired of living in disorder, because I'm ashamed to receive, because I want to change… There is no miracle, the click is in everyone. As I write, the most difficult thing is not to tidy up, but to get started by finding a good reason to do so. On the practical side, the best advice I can give is not to be overwhelmed: there is nothing more discouraging than a whole messy apartment that will take, of course, several hours to put away. To avoid this, only one thing to do: never put off until tomorrow what can be put away the same day, because it is the accumulation that creates the disorder. Adopt the adage "everything in its place" and never let yourself be overwhelmed. Well actually, that makes several tips. Put away your life! Put your house in order to live a better life , by Elise Delprat-Alvares, with the collaboration of Pauline Levasseur, ed. Larousse, 12.90 euros How about a chance to win a copy of this inspirational book?