DIY gift idea: make a nice pair of earrings with recycled materials

DIY gift idea: make a nice pair of earrings with recycled materials

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The concept is very simple and the final result is really nice. Yes, yes, I tested it for you and I tell you, I love my pair of recycled earrings! The idea is completely original and to be treasured if you want to make homemade Christmas gifts. Personally, I only used salvage materials to make them and it took me 10 minutes. (Let's say 15 minutes beating me with the springs of the clothespins ...) So you just have to dig into your jewelry box to recycle the pearls of an old necklace - be careful though, you will need pearls of '' Maximum 1 cm in diameter and above all, with a sufficiently large hole, this is why wooden beads do the trick - and collect the hooks and rings on a pair of earrings that you do not wear more (and if you don't have that at home, you will find it with a friend!) What more do you need? 2 wooden clothespins and a flat clothespin to help you with the assembly. And that's all !

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