DIY kids: make a princess castle with recycled materials

DIY kids: make a princess castle with recycled materials

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Start collecting the empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls now, set aside a shoe box that you no longer need, a small cardboard packaging box from a last online order and you ready to make a princess castle… Yes, if I assure you, your little girl will be delighted! You will see once again that we can make very nice toys with three times nothing as material. What you will need above all is a little patience to cut and assemble all the elements, but absolutely nothing difficult awaits you in this DIY. So get started! For the castle model that I propose to you (but you can of course create your own, as you imagine!), You will need: - a shoe box. - a small cardboard packaging box. Personally, I used a box 12 cm high by 10 cm wide by 8 deep, but take what you have at home and who could do the trick! It has to fit well into the shoebox. - 10 empty toilet paper rolls. - 1 empty paper towel roll. - 1 or more sheets of colored paper for roofs. - a large pair of cutting scissors. - a pair of pinking scissors. - a news item: 739781 cutter. - a compass. - a roll of adhesive (kraft is better). - acrylic or spray paint, different colors and news: 739807 brushes. - a black felt. - white glue.


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