Zinc worktop: good or bad idea?

Zinc worktop: good or bad idea?

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Among the metal worktops, the zinc models immediately give style to the room in which they are installed. Little alterable and very solid, it has some drawbacks to take into account before decorating your kitchen or bathroom.

A unique charm

Ideally, this type of worktop is installed in a kitchen. It brings the crazy charm of a Parisian bistro to your interior. Generally, the zinc worktop is available in two shades, one gray and one copper. In a bathroom, it is ideal for an industrial look, especially if you combine it with a copper basin.
Less subject to scratches than a stainless steel worktop, it has a thinner and more brushed patina, which gives it an unparalleled aesthetic. Zinc has the advantage of being a self-protecting material which does not rust and does not need to be varnished.

Constraints to take into account

The downside with zinc is that you'll find it difficult to find worktop models in DIY stores. You will therefore have to have it made to measure. However, if you want to make it yourself by covering a wooden tray with zinc, be careful because it is a very sharp material.
In terms of maintenance, zinc is fairly easy to clean and can oxidize if it is not properly maintained. Clean your worktop frequently with soap and water. To make it shine, use products for silverware. Finally, with such a room, beware of lack of taste! Do not overload the room in which it is placed.