12 green planters

12 green planters

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Available in recycled or natural materials, the flowerpot always rhymes with decoration but also with ecology! We have selected for you 12 eco-designed models in Pévétex, in recycled tires, in natural fiber or in eco-responsible wood: whether they are designer or more traditional, they will undoubtedly sublimate your interior, balcony or terrace! Follow the guide.

Recycling is underway!

In burlap from old coffee bags, the Lilokawa plant pot declines its natural spirit and recuperated indoors and outdoors: each piece is unique by its original inscription, its frame, and the tanned color of the bag . On the Karawan side, you will find handmade handcrafted models, made from recycled tires (around 12 euros per 27 x 25 cm pot). Vehicles also provide many resources since Serax, the Belgian decoration giant, also offers plant pots made from recycled air chambers in its catalog.

Models made of natural materials

Natural fibers also adorn our plant pots, especially kubu, which is very used for garden furniture because it is resistant and trendy. You will find a XXL pot model in our selection, which will perfectly match your natural, country or vintage style exterior! The editorial team also fell for the Burger brand, which favors a responsible wood supply, whether it be softwoods, hardwoods or exotic woods. 98% of the raw materials thus come from responsibly managed forests, hence the PEFC and FSC eco-certification for each of their products.

Zoom on Art Terre

Specializing in eco-design, the brand publishes two models of eco-friendly planters: Jardipo de Brindi, made of textile fibers recovered from car interiors and PVC and Green Pillow, in Pévétex, a material from recycled Textile PVC from new cutting waste from industrial production. An original flowerpot model, since it is an airbag! Available in several sizes, shapes and colors, it is as practical as it is decorative.
1. Ivyline Ceramix flowerpot in 100% recyclable composite stone € 39.56 Amazon / 2. Green Pillow planter € 49.16 Chic garden / 3. Dustwood flowerpot based on 100% recycled natural materials € 24.99 Alinea / 4 Burger cache pot in eco-responsible wood € 122.20 Eco Sapiens / 5. Natural fiber cache pot, Kubu pine structure € 139 House & Garden / 6. Lilokawa coffee bag cache pot € 27.09 Sustainable Design / 7. Cache pot in Serax recycled inner tube € 19.90 Decoclico / 8. Square Dustwood cache pot in 100% natural recycled materials € 24.99 Alinea / 9. Terralba geotextile pot € 38.07 Greenweez / 10. Cache pot in recycled Karawan tire € 12.50 Altermundi / 11. Small egg-plant Eggling € 10.90 Sustainable Decoration / 12. Jardipo Pevetex planter by Brindi € 8 Naturally decorative