DIY kids: make a rabbit bookmark

DIY kids: make a rabbit bookmark

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For all children who love to read, this funny bookmark will only bring even more pleasure to reading, and for children who have more trouble with this activity, this funny little rabbit (which looks like a dog , I grant you…) will perhaps encourage them more to open a book… In any case, DIY is simple to do, the rendering is nice and it is a small creative leisure activity that will appeal to children. The slightly delicate cutting of the nose at the news: 739781 cutter should be performed by an adult, for the rest, that the children have fun! Animals, monsters, snowmen… It's up to them to imagine their own bookmark character! You will need: - thick paper or colored cardboard - self-adhesive paper - chenille thread - movable eyes - a ruler / square and a pencil - a pair of scissors - a hole punch - a news: 739781 cutter - black felt

DIY inspired by the creations of "make and takes"