Tutorial: bracelets with hair ties

Tutorial: bracelets with hair ties

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The idea of ​​the day is very simple but terribly effective in creating original jewelry in a few minutes! Today we are going to learn how to make bracelets with hair bands.


- flat pliers - a golden chain with large links - hair elastics Budget: around € 10 Duration: 30 minutes


1. To begin, cut a piece of chain two-thirds the length of your wrist.
2. Using pliers, open the end link. Insert the hair elastic, then close the link. Repeat at the other end to create the bracelet.
3. Repeat the previous operations with other elastic bands.


In a few minutes you have made pretty bracelets! You can also customize your chain with fabric, for that take inspiration from our tutorial which teaches you how to make a chain and fabric necklace!

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