What colors for a warm bathroom?

What colors for a warm bathroom?

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It is the first room to discover us in the morning and the last where we spend time before reaching your room, that is to say if the bathroom is a room to privilege. There is no better remedy for difficult awakenings and sad Monday mornings than a welcoming bathroom - vacations are good too, but you can't have everything… So pamper it and do it your way favourite room. But what colors should I put in my bathroom? We would even say more: what colors to use for a warm bathroom?

Wood in the bathroom

Now that your alarm clock has forced you to leave your bed to go to your bathroom, let's take care of it! And which color - which is also a material - will make you feel most like you're in a cocoon? Wood ! Without turning the boat cabin, choose wooden bathroom furniture that will even make clinical white walls warm. It's the secret of the Scandinavian style, right? Interesting alternative - and inexpensive! -: why not cover your old pale floor tiles with vinyl imitation wood floor tiles? These will withstand humidity better than a classic parquet and will be terribly easy to install.

Color, again and again color

Because it influences our mood and our well-being, color is essential in a bathroom. Welcoming, warm, your bathroom will be if you define your desires and if you push your decorative logic to the end. If you want a welcome full of pep, concoct a tonic and revitalizing water while forgetting the pastels and opting for dynamic colors like red or orange, anise green. And why not pink as we can see in the new Ikea catalog? If on the contrary you imagine a welcoming universe in a cocooning way, close to the spa, prefer colors like cream, chocolate, taupe or even pearl gray. Remember to enhance these colors with accessories with more intense colors. Finally, if the idea of ​​a thematic decoration appeals to you, go on blue to transform your bathroom into a lagoon or give it a little Baroque air by playing on black, gold and plum.

Important details

Bring the same attention to decor detail in your bathroom as in the other rooms of your interior. Renewing your bathroom does not necessarily require a big budget: keep your walls white and sprinkle your room with flashy touches with your toothbrush glasses, your bathroom linen, your shower curtain and other accessories.