How to save a parched plant?

How to save a parched plant?

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After a prolonged absence or an oversight, also prolonged, you find yourself facing a plant in poor health. It is completely dry. Before you throw it away, you naturally wonder if it is possible to save it. To find out how to save a parched plant, the editorial team went to Truffaut to ask Pierre for advice. Here are some solutions.

Is it possible to save a parched plant?

Yes it's possible ! The techniques are numerous and depend on the state of drying of the plant. Whatever happens, you must try to save the plants before throwing them away.

What is the first step?

First, you need to move the soil and remove all the dead leaves from your plant. Once it is cleaned, you can moisturize it.

How to rehydrate a desiccated plant?

To save a parched plant, you have to bathe it. Thus, she can hydrate at her own pace and regain strength. Don't forget the leaves! To hydrate them, just use a fogger.

Where to place a plant to save?

A desiccated plant should be watered abundantly and then placed in natural light. If you have a veranda, this is the ideal place. Otherwise, place your plants near your windows. Make sure the soil is always moist.

Should we repot a parched plant?

Indeed, once the plant has regained strength, you must repot it. Use potting soil and add some fertilizer. Make sure the soil is well ventilated so that the water is perfectly drained and the plant can soak up the nutrients present in the soil.

Do you have any other advice?

Yes, don't forget your plants! If you go on vacation or if you are absent for several days, equip yourself with a drip to ensure the hydration of your plants. Leave your plants in a damp, poorly lit area. I generally recommend the bathroom.


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