Clean cat urine on textiles

Clean cat urine on textiles

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All cat owners must know this: behind the innocent and adorable air of a cat sometimes hides a real little devil ... And when our cat relieves itself where it sees fit, cohabitation is no longer as pleasant as expected. For my part, I present my little devil: Gally. This kitten was collected by an association and I kept it until she found an adoptive family. Author of various crimes, Gally allowed me to perfect my cleaning tips. Before you start polishing every nook and cranny, it's best to understand your cat's behavior. We are not going to lie: the ultimate solution to get rid of cat pee is that your cat is clean. The cat's uncleanliness can be explained by many reasons: its education, a dirty or badly positioned litter, stress, hormones (for males), the presence of another animal at home ...

One rule: do not use bleach to clean cat urine!

We all have a fan of bleach in our entourage who would say: "I will use bleach to clean, in addition it will disinfect!" It is actually rather the reverse that will happen: cats love the smell of bleach. And as soon as you have finished cleaning, your pet will come back and risk relieving himself in exactly the same place. You can instead put a few drops of bleach in the litter box to attract it.

How to clean cat urine on clothes and textiles?

You will notice: cats prefer to relieve themselves on rather absorbent surfaces. Which is not going to settle our business! After testing several solutions, I give you my favorite grandmother recipe: the ultimate baking soda - vinegar - essential oil blend. The principle is simple: 1 - Rinse the fabric for the first time with sparkling water. 2 - Generously pour baking soda directly on the stain. Rub so that it penetrates a little into the fibers. 3 - Pour vinegar on the linen (beware, it will foam!). 4 - Put everything in the machine, on the usual program. I advise you to add a little lavender essential oil to pour in the fabric softener for the smell. 5 - Dry and admire the result! If however there is still a little odor, do not hesitate to repeat the operation.
Having had a complicated period with Gally, I was able to test this method on quilts and cushions, which come out without odor. Note that the faster you wash your textiles, the easier it will be to get the smell out. Do not wait !

How to clean cat urine on a fabric sofa or mattress?

When it's a sofa or a mattress that is affected, it's another fight! On a fabric sofa, urine is quickly absorbed. Give up the idea of ​​compressing the mattresses or cushions to wring, this will only distribute the urine over a larger area. Even more than for machine-washed textiles, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to clean everything. For fabric sofas, after having checked on a hidden part of the sofa that there is no risk of discoloration: 1 - Pour sparkling water on the stain and absorb the maximum with a paper towel . 2 - Repeat the operation to rinse. 3 - Pour baking soda generously to absorb the remaining liquid and deodorize. Let sit for 15 minutes and roughly remove the baking soda.
4 - Concoct the following mixture: 3 volumes of water, 1 volume of white vinegar and ten drops of lavender essential oil. 5 - Pour the preparation on the stain. 6 - Repeat the operation if necessary.
Rinsing with water may be necessary to remove the bicarbonate residue which leaves a white spot. I have tried several methods and unfortunately I have not found a silver bullet. There is often a little smell very difficult to remove. To be more peaceful, I opted for prevention: an undersheet on the bed and blankets on the sofa!

The bottom line: opt for prevention!

Cat urine having a very strong odor and being difficult to clean, opt for prevention. Protect sensitive areas or block access when you are not there. Always keep bicarbonate, white vinegar and a bottle of essential oil at home. You can do miracles!